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MSR Pocket Rocket Review


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Overall avg rating 4.0 of 5 based on 1 review. Most recent review: February 10, 2015
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Pros:  Simple, durable, inexpensive, strong hardcase
Cons:  Unstable
Best Uses:  Backpacking
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Manufacturer:   MSR
Review by: Jessica Haist ⋅ Review Editor, OutdoorGearLab ⋅ February 10, 2015  
The MSR Pocket Rocket is the least expensive backpacking stove we reviewed. It is small, simple and durable, but not very stable. For the same price we believe the Optimus Crux is a better buy because it's more durable, more stable, and stores conveniently under a fuel canister. If you travel to high altitudes, we recommend the MSR Windboiler because it does much better in cold temperatures and high winds, and is more fuel efficient. If you are looking for the smallest and lightest stove you can carry, then go with the similar MSR Micro Rocket.

If environmentally harmful fuel canisters and tiny unstable stoves aren't your thing, we recommend the stable, versatile, and durable MSR Whisperlite. This liquid fuel stove will last you a lifetime.

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OutdoorGearLab Editors' Hands-on Review

This little rocket can boil water fast and is small and light, but not as small or light as other canister stoves we tested.

Performance Comparison

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The Micro Rocket (right) has the widest platform by a few millimeters when compared to the other small canister stoves, the Pocket Rocket (middle) and Optimus Crux Lite (left).
Credit: Jessica Haist


This little stove can go anywhere because it is so small and light, and unlike an integrated canister stove like the Jetboil Flash, you have the ability to simmer on it and can use your own cookware. The Pocket Rocket is very simple and durable and comes with a hard plastic case to store in your pack although we usually leave this behind to save weight.

Fuel Efficiency

The Pocket Rocket is relatively fuel efficient, although we notice that when you screw it on to a canister there is always a bit of leakage that sprays out. If you can use the stove in a sheltered location it will be much more fuel efficient. Once there is any kind of breeze, the Pocket Rocket's fuel efficiency is gone with the wind. The most fuel efficient stove we tested was the MSR Windboiler, which performs admirably even in strong wind.

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MSR Pocket Rocket, which is one of the least stable small canister stoves.
Credit: Max Neale

Boil Time

We boiled half a liter of water in 2 minutes and 8 seconds when there was no wind on the Pocket Rocket. This is decently fast and impressive. If there is wind present this will take a lot longer.


Although this small and light stove appeals to fast and light backpackers, the Pocket Rocket is the heaviest small canister stove we tested at 3 oz. The lightest and most compact stove, the MSR Micro Rocket is only half an ounce lighter. If you are on a budget and want a small stove, the Pocket Rocket will do just fine.


The Pocket Rocket is the least stable stove we reviewed. While the pot supports fold out to a reasonable diameter, they do not extend perfectly flat. This leaves your pot or pan balanced on three small points and nothing more. Further contributing to this stove's instability is its long stem. This raised the stove's center of gravity slightly higher than all the other small canister stoves.

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The legs on the MSR Pocket Rocket. You can see that the pot balances on smaller points because the legs are not completely level.
Credit: Max Neale

Packed Size

This little canister stove will indeed fit in most pockets. It has, however, the largest packed size of the three small canister stoves in this review, measuring 4.1 x 2.1 x 2 inches.

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The small canister stoves we tested from left to right: MSR Micro Rocket, MSR Pocket Rocket and Optimus Crux Lite.
Credit: Jessica Haist

Best Application

This is a great little stove to bring along on backpacking and car camping getaways, especially if you are looking for a cheap, simple solution. Three ounces is light enough to make an excellent option for any type of multi-day backpacking trip.


While this is the least expensive stove in our test, we believe the Micro Rocket, which will save you half an ounce, is worth the extra $20. However, if you are on a budget and want the least expensive product that will work backpacking, this is a very functional and small stove for only $40.

Other Versions and Accessories

The MSR Whisperlite, $90, wins our Best Buy Award, as it has proven itself as the most versatile and dependable, lightweight, liquid fuel stove on the market. Even though it costs more, we think you get a lot for your money with the Whisperlite. If we were to have one stove this would be it.

The MSR Dragonfly, $140, wins our Top Pick Award, as it brings excellent control and stability to your backcountry kitchen and excels at handling low simmers and large pots. It is a luxuriously well-handling stove and its stability and ease of use make it our top choice for base camp cooking. Unfortunately, a large and heavy frame makes it cumbersome for those who are primarily concerned with size and weight.

Jessica Haist and Max Neale

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MSR Pocket Rocket
Credit: Max Neale
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