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Editors' Choice Award
This pack is the perfect supplemental piece of gear for expedition photographers, weekend warriors, or those who travel for work
Best Buy Award
This travel backpack is easy to pack, organized, and very durable, though a little bulky
Top Pick Award
An easy to use and extremely durable pack with a clever design backed by one of the best warranties in the industry
Top Pick Award
This is a great choice for those who enjoy casual travel on a budget including camping, climbing or hiking
Top Pick Award
A travel backpack which offers comfort and durability and is stylish enough to sport while traveling in urban areas
Top Pick Award
The adventure seeking traveler who likes to go with the flow will fall in love with this pack and it’s unique duo-functionality
This travel pack is in its element if you're a person that travels for business
This pack can be carried comfortably as one backpack or split in two, making it easy to carry on a plane and then use in different ways
A decent travel backpack that can be used for a variety of travel types but is not the best fit for most uses
Transforms from duffel to backpack to easily and efficiently transport your things to many places
Best thought of as a small duffel with a backpack option