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Editors' Choice Award
The Mountaineer offers everything from fantastic flotation and traction to a well-designed shape and binding system.
Top Pick Award
If superior traction and versatility while in steep and variable backcountry terrain is what you're looking for, the Lightning Ascent delivers in spades.
The Montane is an easy to use snowshoe that offers great features for mountainous and technical terrain.
The Blizzard II with its impressive crampons and good flotation will make for happy snowshoeing no matter what the terrain.
The Flex RDG offers fantastic traction and great stride ergonomics for women while being easy to use and comfortable.
Best Buy Award
Great traction and versatile bindings mean you will have no problem heading into a wide spectrum of snow types and terrain levels with the Evo.
Best Buy Award
A stellar beginner snowshoe, the Rendezvous is comfortable, offers excellent floatation, and works well with a woman's gait.
For athletic hiking on beginner to advanced trails, the Gold 13 is a solid choice.
This unique foam snowshoe is light and springy and quite fun for a lot of applications.
For a beginner snowshoer that has no desire to get into advanced terrain, the Xplore is a solid consideration.