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Editors' Choice Award
Climbing skins inherently strike compromises; winner of our top award, it balances competing demands better than any other
The snow contact surface is perfectly tuned, while the glue is especially tenacious and the tail clip is a little moody, at best
Top Pick Award
You get exceptional glide, but pay for that with durability, grip, and some icing resistance
If you have Dynafit skis, these are the obvious and excellent choice of skins
What we see so far is great, but we have some nagging doubts we’ll address with some more skiing
Best Buy Award
Threading the needle of compromise essential to climbing skins, this BD pair offers high end performance at a reasonable price
Rugged, good gripping skins for those with limited dollars and desiring a proven product over maximum performance
Strikes a careful balance that is just right
Super light products are prone to performance and durability issues; grip and glide are average, but glue integrity and durability suffer
Skins that don’t necessarily glide as well as the branding suggests, but likely work well overall for a significant portion of the market
Top Pick Award
If you like new things for their own sake, or you hate replacing and maintaining gear, you might dig these
Top Pick Award
In certain situations, the uniquely exceptional glide and icing resistance might be worth the glue and grip trade offs