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Editors' Choice Award
If you have to pick one backcountry ski model for full seasons and all conditions, this is the one we recommend, as it's carefully tuned for all conditions
Editors' Choice Award
There is nothing remarkable about these skis, and that is a good thing
Goes downhill very well, we just wish it was lighter
Best Buy Award
Well-balanced, all-around skis for the human-powered skier looking for durable and lasting value
The Beast leans decidedly in the downhill performance direction; they are heavy by comparison and for the dimensions, but they ski better than most
Top Pick Award
You get amazing downhill performance with a significant (comparably) weight penalty
We encountered a mountain position issue with these skis; once that was resolved, we enjoyed solid and average downhill performance and greater than average weight
A perennial favorite, especially for its value
If you ride a ton of powder snow and really, really prioritize your downhill experience, check this ski out
They ski darn good, but you need to be pretty motivated to skin skis this weighty on a daily basis
Top Pick Award
If your tastes tilt to the high, hard, steep, and fast, you need a pair of these
You can use these in all conditions, but you’ll enjoy their attributes the most in firm, high, and steep terrain and tours
Top Pick Award
For casual explorations in fresh snow and very mild terrain, these are the best on the market