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Editors' Choice Award
Perfect for pros or advanced users, this model is one of the best performing products in every category
Top Pick Award
A fantastic all-around model that combines ease of use in a smaller than average package
Top Pick Award
Designed for advanced users or pros, it's one of the best for multiple burials with its long third antenna, analog function and ability to toggle through signals
This beacon is one of the most capable beacons out there and features a totally unique design in that it doesn't follow the traditional curve of the flux-line and instead calculates them and takes its user straight to the the buried victim
Has better range and superior multiple burial capabilities while still being fairly quick in the fine search
Using a proximity sensor, the Micro automatically switches between Sending while stowed to searching when its not - also the lightest and most compact beacon currently out there
This model has all the features that most backcountry users are looking for, excellent speed, and an intuitive design - all while coming in at a below average price
This beacon is easy enough to use for novices but capable enough for a professional
Best Buy Award
A no-frills design that excels at a beacon's number one job - finding a single buried beacon
One of the best models for the price; an inexpensive triple antenna beacon that was among the easiest to use and the most intuitive
An easy to use beacon with intuitive displays help keep it simple during what is likely a very stressful situation, however just so-so fine search performance and average speed kept this beacon from scoring higher
Beacon is easy to use but has a short range and no flagging feature