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Editors' Choice Award
Long gone are the days of showing up to the gym with a bag full of specialized shoes; we love our new Editors' Choice
Best Buy Award
You won’t break the bank when you purchase this solid all purpose shoe for CrossFit; our reviewers preferred to workout in this shoe over quite a few of the more expensive options
Top Pick Award
The Trainers from NOBULL are super comfortable and were stellar performers during every test we put them through
Performs well as a versatile shoe for CrossFit workouts; improvements made to the flexibility of the sole have reestablished it as a good all-around CrossFit shoe
If you are searching for a shoe that can handle light lifts, body weight movements, and short runs, this shoe will do the trick
The Nike Free series is known for running, but this shoe is a good option for cross-training
These lightweight shoes are good for lifting, but not for running
NOBULL is back with its no frill design, this time offering a shoe specifically geared towards running for CrossFit athletes
The best running shoe in the Metcon line up
A breathable minimalist running shoe
This is the lightest shoe we have ever seen, delivering the ultimate barefoot experience