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Editors' Choice Award
Utilizing all the latest and greatest technology, this hiking shoe performs well in every hiking metric
Top Pick Award
A very comfortable and lightweight shoe for fast and light hiking in all kinds of terrain
Top Pick Award
While slightly heavy for a hiking shoe, the Sawtooth II is great for pretty much every hiking adventure
Very supportive, waterproof, and lightweight, this shoe is capable on days when you are carrying a heavier pack
Top Pick Award
A hiking shoe for short hikes and when you want to be light on your feet
Best Buy Award
A solid performer in most of the metrics we test for, and it's one of the cheapest
A classic-looking shoe with technical chops that can also pass for an everyday street shoe
Top Pick Award
A well-cushioned support system for your feet - a plush midsole and straps for micro-adjustments
Very supportive and lightweight hiking shoe that could be suitable for multi-day hikes, if they fit your foot
Comfortable and waterproof, best for wide feet
A very capable hiking shoe that is a bit heavy and hard to get a good fit, but will last
Lightweight and waterproof, this shoe can perform light-duty hikes and urban trekking
Very lightweight and comfortable, the Vaya is great for shorter hikes but lacks support for longer adventures
If you are looking for a breathable and lightweight hiking shoe for mellow summer hiking, the MQM Flex is worth a look