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Editors' Choice Award
Super comfortable sandals that are as at home on the beach as they are at camp
Top Pick Award
An optional heel and arch strap make this contender super secure and great for hiking
Take these flops everywhere and your feet will love you for it
Top Pick Award
These flip flops are easy on your feet, easy on your eyes, but not easy on your wallet
Best Buy Award
These tick off some of the most critical attributes we want in sandals: comfort, durability, and affordability
Top Pick Award
A stylish and durable flip flop that offers excellent wet environment traction as well as superior odor control
This flip scores well in several metrics, such as comfort and style, but falls a bit short in others
A great flop for those looking for a comfortable and stylish thong
These flops are durable, comfortable, and versatile
Best Buy Award
While typical sub twenty dollar flip flops are likely to fall apart and wear holes in your skin on day one, this one offers an excellent performance to price ratio
Comfortable flip flops that are both made from recycled materials and are recyclable when you're done
Tons of comfort for those who appreciate walking on clouds
These flops are comfy for lounging on the beach, but you'll want more support and durability if you're always on your feet