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Editors' Choice Award
Sleek, stylish, speedy, and stable -- the Surftech Catalyst is one of our all-time favorite SUPs.
This fantastic all-around board took home the top score and the Editors' Choice award.
Best Buy Award
This great board is a fantastic value, matching the performance of boards that are hundreds are dollars more expensive.
Top Pick Award
Sturdy, stable, and solidly maneuverable, the BIC Cross is our top pick for families or new paddlers.
Top Pick Award
If you are searching for a virtually indestructible touring SUP, then the Ace-Tec Wing is the clear choice.
Top Pick Award
With one of the highest capacities we have seen, this board is a fantastic option for fishing or camping with a SUP.
Best Buy Award
In terms of bang for the buck, it’s hard to find a board that can beat the PEAK.
Best Buy Award
A chart-topper in nearly every metric, the Explorer handily took home our Best High Performance Buy award.
Not for the casual paddle, the Raven is best suited for races or long tours.
Top Pick Award
A high performer with quality components, this model takes home a Top Pick award for its performance.
Top Pick Award
This durable board holds up under hard use and is a great choice for beginners or families.
Best Buy Award
While it's not the fastest or the most maneuverable, it's hard to beat the Sun Dolphin in terms of best bang for the buck.
While inexpensive, we found the CBC SUP to be exceptionally flawed, performing poorly on the water.