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Editors' Choice Award
This is a comfortable and versatile pack that performs well in all alpine terrain
Top Pick Award
Hyperlite Mountain Gear excels at making lightweight and remarkably comfortable packs and this is a great model for mountaineering
Top Pick Award
This is a great pack for all mountain sports and may even be suitable for multi-day trips
Best Buy Award
What this pack lacks in versatility it makes up for in performance on steep technical alpine terrain
The Mutant 52 is the largest in a series of 3 packs, and well suited to multi day climbs and colder weather pursuits
This is a durable backpack well suited to ski mountaineering
The size makes this pack less versatile, but it performs well enough in its niche and is simple, reliable, and durable
This pack is durable and lightweight but not as comfortable or easy to use as we would have liked, and lost points for some wonky features and suspension issues
Top Pick Award
This is a great pack for long, cold expeditions; it is comfortable and climbs better than most packs of this size
This pack is comfortable for lightweight day trips in technical terrain but strictly limited in utility in this scenario