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Editors' Choice Award
A very affordable carabiner that is also one of the easiest to use and won’t cost you anything on the scale
Top Pick Award
Provides very simple clipping and unclipping action, and feels great in the hands
Heavy for a trad rack but nice keylocking gate
An ergonomic and smooth clipping carabiner that also has a keylocking nose design for the best overall wiregate function
The Camp Dyon is an easy handling, lightweight 'biner that is a true all-arounder
The Astro finds a nice middle ground between large heavier biners and small, ultralight biners that can be difficult to handle
Best Buy Award
An affordable option for racking your camming devices
A versatile choice for any style of climbing, and one that almost anyone can afford, but lacking the top end performance
Top Pick Award
The ultralight climber’s dream carabiner: lightweight and tiny, yet full strength
Not an ideal choice for trad climbing, but one that could be considered nearly indispensable for glacier travel and alpine climbing