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Editors' Choice Award
One of the most popular tents on the PCT for a good reason; this tent provides weather and bug protection at an exceptionally lightweight.
Top Pick Award
This ultralight tent sets up easily and stays up through high wind and heavy rain.
Top Pick Award
Lightweight and bombproof, this shelter will keep you dry and bug-free on solo sojourns.
Top Pick Award
A highly livable single person shelter that is both efficient and affordable.
Top Pick Award
While it is worth recognizing as the most spacious of all the tents in this review, it is also the most expensive.
Best Buy Award
Scoring near the top in every metric and available at a very affordable price, this tent is a shoe-in for our Best Buy Award…
Top Pick Award
For the ultralight backpacker who wants to hold on to some of the creature comforts of a dedicated pole tent.
Lightweight and very water resistant, but perhaps needing some refinement.
Top Pick Award
Tarps are the lightest and most versatile ultralight shelter system, and this is the best tarp we have ever used.
Affordable and incredibly spacious, this tent will house four friends or a ton of gear.
A design almost identical to our Editors’ Choice Award winner, but made with SilNylon and a modular interior tent.
Despite the recent design changes that added a bit more space to the inside, this tent is still cramped feeling for two people…
Best Buy Award
While it may not be the lightest tent, in fact it is the heaviest, the Hornet 2P makes up for it with a more spacious and stable design.
Affordable, protective, and spacious, but with some downsides.
While not as protective or adaptable as some of its counterparts, this tarp has never-the-less provided adequate shelter for many long distance thru-hikers, at a great price…
A product that is vastly inferior to its competition.