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Editors' Choice Award
The best performing set of features that allow for the most versatile usage.
Best Buy Award
The warmest quilt in our review also comes at a reasonable price.
Editors' Choice Award
A very warm and lightweight full mummy with a full zip.
With an enclosed foot box and ¾ length zipper, this warm hoodless mummy can also be used quilt style.
Top Pick Award
A great choice for those who want the lightest bag they can get but still want a fully un-zip-able mummy bag.
The only mummy bag that uses more down fill in the foot box and less around the torso, to take advantage of the clothing you have with you.
When you want a fully enclosed mummy bag with a hood, but don’t want to carry a ton of extra weight, this is a good choice.
This quilt maintains comfort while still being the lightest quilt in the review.
A great option for those looking for a good warmth to weight ratio in a quilt.
Top Pick Award
If weight and space savings are paramount, the Spark is the tool for the job.
A warm, lightweight, small packing quilt that takes more work, but attaches more securely to a pad than any other quilt.
Best Buy Award
A functional, versatile quilt well worth the low price.
This is a hooded mummy bag we wanted to love, but compared to the competition, it simply didn’t stack up.
While the hood is excellent for a quilt, the overall design could use an overhaul.