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Editors' Choice Award
Text correspondence to and from the wilderness, wrapped up in a diminutive form.
Best Buy Award
A small, basic device that employs established network, dispatch, and hardware systems through affordable subscription plans.
Top Pick Award
An excellent device with only one weakness -- portability.
Top Pick Award
If you want two-way texting that doesn't rely on a smartphone and tend to travel in the Americas and Europe, this one's is for you.
A good value for year-round tracking if you don't need 2-way messaging.
Offers now-standard wilderness communication options, with a slick app and a robust but big and heavy piece of hardware.
Best Buy Award
A small, satellite-linked emergency communicator. For life-threatening emergencies, this is exactly what you need and nothing more.
A great, emergency-only messaging device.
This start-up company and product is unique, with great promise. With wide adoption the possibilities are great.