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Editors' Choice Award
Fully featured functionality built into a lightweight design that stands out as the best when it comes to data collection, battery life, and accuracy
Top Pick Award
This easy-to-use watch offers amazing battery life and a design that is light and low profile, without all the extras
Top Pick Award
This watch boasts the best features tested thus far and excellent storage with the caveat of being heavy and bulky
Best Buy Award
A low-cost GPS watch boasting excellent accuracy, battery life, and ease of use
This mid-range GPS watch offers a lightweight design that packs in a myriad of features including touchless payment and phone-free music listening
Top Pick Award
This watch shines for its endless battery life in smartwatch mode, making it a recommendation for longer expeditions in the backcountry when in sunny places
This touchscreen watch has the features you need with extensive battery life for ultra-endurance events, but the price is too high to recommend easily
A well-featured and lower-priced watch that offers access to the robust Garmin ecosystem, with the caveat of a lower battery life and plastic design
This fully-featured touch screen watch is a great option for those seeking something to track fitness but it falls short with GPS accuracy and battery life
While it does have nice features and a crisp touchscreen, we were less than pleased with the difficulty of use and high price
A simple GPS training watch at a lower price boasting an accurate heart rate monitor and a slim number of features
This GPS watch has a low sticker price and all the features you'd look for, but with some big drawbacks