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Editors' Choice Award
A high scorer in our tests, this pad is warm and comfy and easy to inflate
Best Buy Award
This plush pad is comfortable, warm, and affordable. It does take up a lot of space, even when packed
Editors' Choice Award
With four inches of foam you can't go wrong, unless you don't have space to store it
Top Pick Award
Foam car camping comfort that packs into a smaller and lighter package than its peers
While providing maximum cushion and insulation, this mattress is the pinnacle of comfort, but its weight and size make it less versatile than many other options
This mat takes up loads of space in the trunk, but if comfort is your top priority, this is a great choice
A budget-conscious mattress that is quite warm, if a little less comfortable
Top Pick Award
If you are dedicated to vanlife and want the most comfortable mattress around, this one is warm and plush, while offering some nice features
Top Pick Award
This model is best for a duo looking for a car camping mattress
Top Pick Award
Comfortable enough for car camping and backpacking, this is a versatile and packable mattress
This mat provides a great night's sleep and quick, easy inflation
Comfortable and easy to use, this two-person mattress rolls into a small package but is not warm enough for colder nights
Lightweight and packable, this mat is a great choice for traveling couples
A good overall self-inflating mattress that is thinner, and less cushioned, than some of the competition
Decently warm and comfortable two-person mattress, for those who want a small packed size
This mattress is not insulating enough for cold weather, and has the expected bounciness of an air mattress, but is a packable and comfortable option
Top Pick Award
Although this model scored poorly, its an affordable option for occasional car camping trips or house guests