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Editors' Choice Award
This Class 2 electric bike impressed our testers with the best all around performance
Top Pick Award
A great option for those looking for a mountain style Class 2 electric bike with a fast top speed and a long distance range
Top Pick Award
A simple, comfortable Class 2 electric bike with loads of features
Commuters and city riders should give this fast-moving Class 2 electric bike a look
Top Pick Award
This is a reasonably priced Class 2 e-bike with throwback style and a great distance range
Best Buy Award
Affordable Class 2 e-bike with a serviceable performance in a mountain bike style
Best Buy Award
If you're on a tight budget, we feel this is a great Class 2 folding model to consider
Top Pick Award
It may be relatively basic, but this folding Class 2 electric bike tops the charts for convenience