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The Best Climbing Helmets of 2020
Want to know what is the best climbing helmet? We've bought and tested over 30 different...

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How to Choose a Climbing Helmet
There are a ton of choices when it comes to climbing helmets, and with new foam technologies...

by Andy Wellman

Petzl Meteor
The Petzl Meteor is newly redesigned for 2019 and is our Best Bang for the Buck winner for...

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Petzl Sirocco
According to all of our testing and the opinions of multiple people who climbed in it, the Petzl...

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Black Diamond Vector
The Black Diamond Vector is a lightweight EPS foam helmet with a thin polycarbonate shell on top...

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Black Diamond Vapor in Fire Red
Black Diamond Vapor
The Black Diamond Vapor is one of the lightest climbing helmets on the market, but maintains a...

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Black Diamond Half Dome
The Black Diamond Half Dome is far and away the best value you can get in a climbing helmet. While...

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Petzl Boreo
Sporting the ideal combination of protection from both top and side impacts and encased in a solid...

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Mammut Wall Rider
The Wall Rider is Mammut's lightweight helmet made of a combination of EPP foam and a partial hard...

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Mammut Wall Rider MIPS
The Mammut Wall Rider MIPS is the first ever climbing helmet to incorporate this game-changing...

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The CAMP USA Storm is a good lightweight EPS/polycarbonate helmet. It has a similar construction...

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Singing Rock Penta
The Singing Rock Penta is an extremely affordable helmet that is also very lightweight, as it's...

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Edelrid Salathe
The Edelrid Salathe is a lightweight, EPP foam helmet with a partial hard plastic top piece. The...

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Petzl Elia - Women's
The Petzl Elia is one of the only helmets on the market today that has been designed specifically...

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Mammut Skywalker 2
The Mammut Skywalker 2 is a hard ABS plastic shell helmet with an EPS foam liner on the inside...

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Mammut El Cap
The Mammut El Cap is a hardshell climbing helmet with some good features, most notably the sun...

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Black Diamond Vector Helmet - Women's
Black Diamond Vector - Women's
The only light foam women's specific helmet, the Black Diamond Vector - Women's even gives the...

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Edelrid Shield II
When polling a group of climbers about what they look for in a helmet, they all agreed that they...

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The Ecrin Roc is a great multi-purpose  tough helmet that is great for institutions or group climbing situations.
Petzl Ecrin Roc helmet
Discontinued Product The Ecrin Roc is no longer available. The next closest option, and a good one...

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The CAMP USA Armour was one of our testers' least favorite lids. It sits high up on your head...

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The CAMP Armour Lady is a hard plastic helmet that is durable and long-lasting.
CAMP Armour Lady
The CAMP Armour Lady is a snazzy, inexpensive, and tough hard plastic climbing helmet, though it...

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The Altios is a hot looking helmet -- but it breathes so cool. To quote Petzl  This helmet "floats" above your head -- a feature many testers found ended up making the helmet too top heavy.
Petzl Altios
The Petzl Altios is now Discontinued Petzl packs more features into the Altios than into any...

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Wild Country 360 climbing helmet
Wild Country 360
The Wild Country 360 is Discontinued as of November 2016 This is a solid climbing helmet at a...

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Trango Skull Cap Climbing Helmet
Trango Skull Cap
This is one of the lightest climbing helmets available. According to the manufacturer stats, it is...

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