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Away Expandable Large Review

This bag is heavy but it looks good, is easy to organize, and can keep up with whatever you have planned
Away Expandable Large
Credit: Away Travel
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Price:  $295 List
Pros:  Integrated TSA lock, rolls well, smart organization options, stylish
Cons:  Heavy, fabric is easier to mark
Manufacturer:   Away Travel
By Clark Tate ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 27, 2021
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Our Verdict

The Away Expandable Large is a fun suitcase, big enough to accommodate a long vacation. It has helpful organizational features for all your essentials, and there's even a thin bag tucked away to isolate dirty clothes or shoes. A zipper unleashes an extra strip of fabric to expand the bag's capacity for when you buy one too many souvenirs. The large wheels roll well, even over curbs, and pivot with you as you move. Really, we like everything about this suitcase but its weight and flexy telescoping handle, which moves around more than most. If you're not worried about surpassing luggage weight requirements, this is a solid roller bag.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Weight is an important factor for larger suitcases since it's easy to put them over flight weight limits in the first place. But if you tend to pack bulkier, lighter items or just like a lot of space for your stuff, the Expandable Large offers good looks and smart organizational features, making it a compelling choice.

Performance Comparison

Away Expandable Large suitcase - we think this away bag is one of the smartest looking in the review.
We think this Away bag is one of the smartest looking in the review.
Credit: Clark Tate

Storage & Organization

This bag doesn't look all that large, but it holds just as much as or more as bags that look much larger. This is helped by a compression panel and an extra ring of fabric that unzips to expand its depth. The Expandable Large also has one of the largest volumes in our test without seeming bulky. We really appreciate the stealth capacity.

We also appreciate that this bag helps us keep track of all the stuff it will hold. It unzips right down the middle, opening like a clamshell, with equal-sized compartments on either side. On the left, there is a big, open pocket with a zip-away mesh panel. It's great for stuffing bulky items away with abandon. The right-hand side has a structured panel that you can use to compress your clothes. Simply put squishy items behind it, and ratchet down on the straps. The panel itself has a mesh pocket in the front to tuck away a few items that you might want to find at a moment's notice — this area is also a great sock drawer.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - smart organizational features make it easy to keep track of all that...
Smart organizational features make it easy to keep track of all that you pack.
Credit: Clark Tate

If that's not enough space for you, unzip the 1.75-inches of expansion fabric. While we like this option, we don't love it on any of the expandable bags we tested. The expansion fabric does not have much structure, and if your packing job doesn't provide enough rigidity, the soft fabric can let the entire bag flex, putting a lot of strain on the zipper. Still, in a pinch, it's a great option.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - that strip of fabric below the middle zipper is the expandable...
That strip of fabric below the middle zipper is the expandable portion of the bag. Zip it back up to minimize storage and maximize your bag's rigidity.
Credit: Clark Tate

Unfortunately, this is the heaviest bag in our test by quite a bit. While this doesn't make much of a difference when you're wheeling it around, if you're packing for a plane, you often need to stay under 50 pounds. With this bag, you're starting with 14.5 pounds of just suitcase, and it gives you tons of room to overpack. So watch those scales.

The outer zipper opens this compartment, complete with a sleeve for...
The outer zipper opens this compartment, complete with a sleeve for a laptop or magazines and a smaller compartment for your wallet or phone.
The larger sleeve works for tablets, magazines, or laptops. Though...
The larger sleeve works for tablets, magazines, or laptops. Though it's not that well protected.

Ease of Transport

The Expandable Large is shorter than many of the other options we tested, and also wider. That keeps the center of gravity low, which seems to help it roll well and stay stable in turns. Larger wheels that easily spin a full 360-degrees also help. We found this bag stable and smooth in corners when lightly or fully loaded. Cobblestones, gravel, and curbs are all fair game.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - the four large wheels spin 360 degrees and can tackle everything...
The four large wheels spin 360 degrees and can tackle everything from rough pavement to gravel.
Credit: Clark Tate

The telescoping handle is one of the thinnest of our tested models. It still feels comfortable in the hands, but we tend to prefer larger options that let the hands relax more. It has two height settings, at 37 and 41-inches. We like the flexibility for different users and different circumstances. What we don't like is how much the handle flexes when it's fully extended; it bends so much that we're afraid it might not be as durable as the other options.

This suitcase sports three external grab handles — an obvious one on the top, another on the side, and one that's tucked away in a fabric fold below. Between them, it's easy to pick the bag up or move it around in the back of a car. Again, though, the bag is heavy and can fit a lot, so you may need your muscles.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - none of these bags are pleasant on the stairs, but this one takes...
None of these bags are pleasant on the stairs, but this one takes them as well as the rest.
Credit: Clark Tate


The zippers on the Expandable run smoothly, and the nylon feels sturdy with no snags during testing. The leading edge along the bottom showed some scuffing relatively quickly, and with no bumpers, we expect that area to sustain the worst of any wear and tear. It does have four bumpers along its left side, so if you need to lay it over, choose that edge. The nylon fabric is water-resistant and does a great job of beading up splashes or the first few minutes of a rainstorm. The zippers don't keep water out, though, so don't leave this puppy out in a rainstorm if you can help it.

The wheels seem well made and stood up to our testing antics. We don't see any obvious way to replace them, though, should that be needed. Many bags have a visible screw or hex that would let you quickly replace a busted one. An integrated TSA-approved lock lets you lock the zippers from the main compartment securely. We really like this feature. You'll just have to be careful about what you stash in the forward compartment unless you buy a second lock.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - an integrated tsa-approved lock is a handy addition, though the...
An integrated TSA-approved lock is a handy addition, though the zippers do have to have an annoying tab to make it work.
Credit: Clark Tate


She's a heavy one. At 14.5 pounds, the Expandable Large is the heaviest bag we tested. However, it rolls so well that we didn't notice this unless we were trying to pack a lot on a flight or pick it up to get it in a car or off a conveyor belt.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - man is this bag heavy.
Man is this bag heavy.
Credit: Clark Tate


We really like the look of this suitcase, with its nice color options, appealing fabric, and horizontal line detailing. Being able to stash a few extras in the front pocket — a layer, your laptop, your ticket, and your ID — go a long way to feeling put together and in control.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - we always feel put together with this bag.
We always feel put together with this bag.
Credit: Clark Tate


If we knew for sure this bag would last a good five years of heavy use, we'd say it's a good value. You get a lot of storage space, style, rolling, and organizational support for your money. Given the promising durability signs so far, we'd say its value is about average, giving you just what you pay for and not much more.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - the bag comes with a cotton sack to help keep it clean and a classy...
The bag comes with a cotton sack to help keep it clean and a classy name tag holder.
Credit: Clark Tate


This good-looking suitcase packs a lot away and holds everything in place as you head from point A to point B. It even gives you a little easy-access storage for the places in between. If you can work with the weight, it's a great option.

Away Expandable Large suitcase - while the handle feels less stable than most in its extended mode...
While the handle feels less stable than most in its extended mode, we never struggled to move this bag around.
Credit: Clark Tate

Clark Tate
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