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Fox River Wilmot Review

Fox River Wilmot
Photo: Fox River
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Price:  $15 List
Pros:  Inexpensive, cozy, warm when dry
Cons:  Poorly wicks moisture, cold when wet
Manufacturer:   Fox River
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Jan 9, 2017
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  • Comfort - 30% 8
  • Warmth - 20% 8
  • Drying Speed - 20% 8
  • Fit - 20% 8
  • Durability - 10% 8

Our Verdict

Fox Discontinued the Wilmot in January 2019

The Fox River Wilmot is a great blend of performance and leisure, of classic materials and modern design. If you are on a tight budget, this is the sock for you. That being said, there are better socks out there. The SmartWool PhD Ski Medium, our Editors' Choice winner, dries faster, is more comfortable, and handles wet/cold conditions much better. The Icebreaker Ski+ Light, another high-performing sock, has similar advantages.

The Wilmot, aside from being $8 to $11 cheaper, has its own appeal. It has the cozy factor. If the Icebreaker Ski+ Light and SmartWool PhD represent the cutting edge of performance, then the Fox River Wilmot is the apex of leisure. Right out of the box, this sock creates a warm fuzzy feeling that cannot be denied.

Our Analysis and Test Results

New Version

This year, Fox River spruced up the Boyne with updated patterns and colors and renamed it the Wilmot. They assured us that the changes are purely stylistic, and that the fit, fiber, and construction that we love are the same. This model is now offered in Charcoal, Teal, Lime, Navy, and Grey/Red. Check out the new look here! The new Wilmot is on the left in Charcoal, with the original Boyne we tested on the right.
Click to enlarge
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As the Wilmot is the same product as the Boyne that we reviewed, minus aesthetic differences, we have updated our review to reflect the Wilmot. The older Boyne is no longer available.

Hands-On Review

Comfort and durability are two important factors when deciding upon ski socks, and this sock ranks highly in both. With an affordable price tag and a cozy feel, these socks will make a great choice both on and off the slopes.

Performance Comparison

The Fox River Boyne keeping things toasty on a warm spring boot-pack...
The Fox River Boyne keeping things toasty on a warm spring boot-pack up Teton Pass.
Photo: Andrew Soleman


When you slip these socks on for the first time, you will have a hard time taking them off. As with the SmartWool PhD, the Wilmot has medium padding on the foot and shin that creates a supported, cozy feel. While not the most comfortable sock (that distinction goes to the SmartWool PhD Ski Medium), the Wilmot held up wonderfully and remained comfortable until the end of testing.

The Fox River Boyne (left) compared to the SmartWool PhD Ski Medium...
The Fox River Boyne (left) compared to the SmartWool PhD Ski Medium. They are both around the same height and both are comfortable.
Photo: Kristen Shelburg


Despite the lack of merino wool when compared to the other socks tested, these socks do a great job at keeping our feet warm, as long as things stay pretty dry. Once things become wet, these socks are at the bottom of the list for retaining heat. If warmth is the most important factor, then there are better options, such as the SmartWool PhD or the Icebreaker. We found these socks to be the warmest on cold dry days, or paired with your favorite slippers.

Wicking Ability & Drying Speed

At 30% merino wool, these socks are far less efficient at staying dry than other socks tested with a higher concentration of wool. After a few long days, these socks came home wet when the Icebreaker Ski+ Light was bone dry.

Ski Boot Fit

We found the Wilmot to fit quite well in ski boots. With medium cushioning on the foot and shin, they fit similarly to the SmartWool PhD and stay in place quite well. For skiers who have tight fitting boots, the thinner Icebreaker or Darn Tough Over-the-Calf Ultralight would make a better choice as they have far less padding and volume than the Wilmot.


With more synthetic materials in this sock, and ample padding in high use areas, we found the Wilmot to hold up very well to our demands. The Wilmot suffered most from the washing machine, as the synthetic materials held smell much more than the merino, and required more washing than the other socks.

The Fox River Boyne, while winning the best buy award, fails in...
The Fox River Boyne, while winning the best buy award, fails in comparison to the overall comfort, fit, and durability of the SmartWool PhD Ski Medium. Here you can see the elastic construction of the PhD (left) and how that keeps the sock in place.
Photo: Kristen Shelburg

Best Applications

The Fox River Boyne, keeping your feet happy so you can focus on the...
The Fox River Boyne, keeping your feet happy so you can focus on the more important things ahead.
Photo: Andrew Soleman
The Wilmot is at its best in dry conditions, be it warm or cold. Though not made for high performance, this is a cozy sock that is built to withstand a day of skiing at the resort and last throughout the season.


For the price of some of the other socks in this review, you could get two pairs of the Wilmot. At $12, this sock is an outstanding performer and proved its worth among the best socks on the market, winning it our Best Buy award. Even as an option for something to wear after skiing, this sock is a great choice and will not disappoint.


The Fox River Wilmot is a comfortable ski sock that is built to stand up to the demands of resort skiing. Though not the highest performing sock, for the price, we found the Wilmot to be a great choice for most any cold weather activity.

Chris McNamara