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Columbia Bugaboo Pants - Women's Review

The Bugaboo is a bargain pant for beginners looking to spend a week hitting moderate slopes.
Columbia Bugaboo - Women's
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Price:  $95 List
Pros:  Inexpensive, comfortable, warm, thigh pocket
Cons:  No ventilation, poor waterproofing, lack of style
Manufacturer:   Columbia
By Polly Dacus ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 24, 2017
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Our Verdict

The Columbia Bugaboo Pants were discontinued in Spring 2018

The Columbia Women's Bugaboo is a basic and functional ski pant. With a comfortable fit, adequate weatherproofing, and several ski-specific features all at a great price, the Bugaboo is a decent option for beginner winter sports enthusiasts or seasoned resort skiers. The two biggest downfalls for this product are its lack of seam sealing and its lack of ventilation, which exclude it from all-season wear. On the other hand, this piece was one of the least expensive we tested, so if you only plan to hit the slopes a couple of times and just need basic protection, this could be just the ski pant you're looking for.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Columbia Women's Bugaboo ski pant is well priced but didn't score quite a highly as other contenders in our metrics. The least expensive product in this review, it is a basic fitting layer that works well for limited use resort wear, or even sledding or shoveling snow in cold conditions.

Performance Comparison

Comfort & Fit

The Bugaboo ski pant has a basic fit - not too tight, not too baggy. This garment is ideal for the casual skier or snowboarder who appreciates staying comfortable and warm during long or short resort days. The interior waist adjustments are handy and don't get caught on clothing (as we expected). Additionally, the waistband is fleece-lined, making for a cozy fit and a bit of extra warmth.

We tested a size small; the fit was loose on women size 4-6. However an extra small was too tight in the waist and thighs and somewhat uncomfortable. The Bugaboo is not the most flattering pant we've tested.

Weather Resistance

Interestingly, this product has several seams that cut down the front of the thigh, which add visual interest but also become weak spots on one of the places that will be most soaked when skiing in wet conditions. We should note, however, that if you're a more beginner skier, you likely won't be skiing in blizzard conditions, so weather resistance may not be as important to you as price and comfort.


Even though these ski pants are not insulated, they stay quite warm since they don't have any vents. Across the board, we decided that this added an extra degree of warmth. Additionally, it is fitted with a heavy-duty outer layer. With the right base layers, this product proved to be surprisingly warm in late winter or early spring conditions. Because it doesn't have venting options, this pant can maintain a fair amount of warmth but might let sweat build up if you are working hard.


There are no options for ventilating this ski pant except to drop your drawers and let off some steam. They are a pant for chilly resort days or for a person who tends to be on the cold side. They were too hot even for our colder blooded testers on warm days late in the spring.


This piece has only one front zippered thigh pocket and two back pockets that close with velcro. This doesn't leave much room for a wallet or ski pass. However, the front pocket is large enough to fit your hand comfortably .

Adjustable button-closure leg opening
Adjustable button-closure leg opening

This pocket is also lined and zippered, and it's low enough on your thigh to make it accessible on the chairlift. We appreciated that the waist clasp buttons are backed up with velcro for extra security. There are belt loops, and adjustable gaiters with buttons, leaving the option for a loose fit on snowboard boots and a tighter fit on alpine or telemark boots.

Thigh pocket
Thigh pocket


This pant has a timeless style and can be worn by just about anyone; however, it lacks the more flattering shape of many of our favorite pants. The fit of the Columbia Women's Bugaboo is a little big, and the relaxed fit in the waist and thigh is classic.

A looser fit allows for easy range of motion.
A looser fit allows for easy range of motion.

Best Application

A decent resort pant for beginner skiers and snowboarders, this product proved to be too hot for our telemark testers who work up a sweat on every turn. The Columbia Women's Bugaboo pant is an inexpensive piece for beginners, part-time skiers, or sledding enthusiasts. However, it may not keep you dry in very wet weather.


The Columbia Women's Bugaboo is a bargain — if it will meet your needs. Since they aren't fully waterproof, we only suggest them for beginners or part-time skiers who will be skiing on cold, fair weather days.


Given its lack of water resistance, lower style points, and lack of ventilation and other features, we have a hard time recommending this pant. However, we have to say that if you're on a budget and just looking for something you can wear when you hit the slopes on your family Christmas ski vacation, the Columbia Women's Bugaboo might fit the bill.

Polly Dacus