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Oakley Crowbar Review

Oakley Crowbar
By: Aaron Zanto ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 7, 2016
Price:  $140 List  |  $70.99 at Amazon - 49% Off
Pros:  Good protection, durable, 35 different frame and lens options
Cons:  Peripheral vision less than other spherical lens goggles, strap adjustment
Manufacturer:   Oakley

Our Verdict

The Crowbar is a quality mid-range goggle. The peripheral vision is good across the field of view. Fogging lenses weren't a problem. This is a very good option for someone looking to purchase a spherical lens goggle, but not wanting to break the bank.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Two for one photo. Oakley crow bar reflecting Lake Tahoe and Dragon DX goggles.
Two for one photo. Oakley crow bar reflecting Lake Tahoe and Dragon DX goggles.


This goggle worked well in a variety of conditions. Fit to tester's faces was facilitated by a somewhat flexible frame. This allowed the google to fit without any gaps around the edges of the frame. While skiing at high speeds this goggle did a good job of keeping wind out at the top and on the sides. Only minimal air sneaked through

Katie proving the Oakley Crowbar goggles and a tank top can go together.
Katie proving the Oakley Crowbar goggles and a tank top can go together.


  • The Crowbar was very breathable. It did a good job of clearing any fog that built up. There are vent holes all the way across the top of the lens allowing air to flow freely. The frame also has very good spacing between the lens and the face to keep the air moving. Fortunately we did not experience too much air flow that would dry out our tester's eyes.
  • Unlike the Air Brake, the Crowbar has a frame that protrudes from the frame allowing snow and water to build up around the edges. The extended frame also makes it more difficult to clear the moisture completely off of the lens.

The Oakley Crowbar goggles on a sunny cold day.
The Oakley Crowbar goggles on a sunny cold day.


-There are three layers of foam on this goggle. The inner layer is very soft and did a good job of absorbing moisture. The majority of the pressure from these goggle was placed on the cheekbones and forehead.
  • We did test this goggle with a helmet and found that there was plenty of room to expand the strap to fit. It could also be cinched down to fit smaller heads. The strap has 3 bands of rubber, which did a good job of keeping it in place. The strap adjustment buckles were difficult to move and took two hands, which was actually beneficial as they kept the goggle strap from accidentally expanding.
-This goggle also has helmet outriggers which help keep the strap flush with the sides of the helmet.

Lens Quality

The lens quality of this goggle is good. We appreciated the spherical qualities which helped reduce the glare and distortion. Unfortunately because the frame sticks out from the lens the peripheral vision is reduced especially on the bottom. While this is a high quality lens it did not seem quite as high definition as the other two Oakley goggles. Our testers did not feel like they weren't wearing a goggle with this model.

Way past time for the last run  testing the Oakley Crowbar.
Way past time for the last run, testing the Oakley Crowbar.


The Crowbar's anti-scratch coating worked well. After the use we put it through, there were not many scratches on the lens. Even after putting it on a helmet, the strap retained its elasticity. The bag supplied with the goggles is protective enough for short transportation or in a ski jacket pocket. The bag was also soft enough not to scratch the lens when dry.


The style of the Crowbar is contemporary. It screams "I am Oakley". It looks good with or without a helmet. The visual appearance is not stifled by the overall frame size. With 35 available frame and lens colors there is sure to be a crowbar that fits anyone's taste. It is also possible to customize a look just for you.

Comparing the Dragon Dx and Oakley Crowbar on a funky light day.
Comparing the Dragon Dx and Oakley Crowbar on a funky light day.

Best Applications

This goggle is best suited for inbound or backcountry riding. This would be a good goggle for snowmobiling too. It works well for any snow sport where clear vision is required and speeds are at a maximum.


This is an intermediate level goggle. This goggle will meet the needs of a snow rider that wants to upgrade to the optics of a spherical lens with out going all in. The durable, high quality lens make this goggle a sound investment in your visual experience out on the snow.

Aaron Zanto

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Sep 10, 2015 - 09:02pm
WBraun · Climber

When I was in Mali Africa there were so many people with almost no clothe, no shoes and barely enough to eat.

Then in the USA people spend $200 to look thru some filtered colored plastic attached to their heads …..


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   Sep 10, 2015 - 05:57pm
Dangalla · Climber · Eau Claire, WI

Pretty rad googs, I love mine for snowboarding and being in the snow in the sun, easy to change lens. I also love the styling. Sticks to my helmet great and pretty durable.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

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