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Tecnica Mach1 105 MV - Women's Review

Editors' Choice Award
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Pros:  Extremely responsive, high performance boot
Cons:  Tight on calves
Bottom line:  A high performance boot for expert skiers that will take your skiing to the next level.
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Manufacturer:   Tecnica

Our Verdict

This boot came onto the scene with a bang. We're not bandwagon hoppers at OutdoorGearLab, but after taking this one out for a spin, we were sold. The Mach1 105 earned our Editors' Choice title fair and square by simply outperforming the other contenders it was pitted against. We could feel the Mach 1's instant energy transfer and responsiveness in all conditions, and it always put a smile on our face. This boot is also warm and comfortable, and fully customizable for a perfect fit. We tested the MV (medium volume) version, but it also comes in an LV (low volume) version so ladies with a narrower foot can get in on the action, too.

Updated Version
The Mach1 has seen a few changes for the upcoming ski season. The photo above represents the latest iteration of the boot. Read on to see what's new!

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Jessica Haist

Last Updated:
November 22, 2017


The 2018 Mach1 vs. the Previous Mach1

After extensive research through Tecnica's own Women to Women (W2W) Project, a focus group dedicated to product development and design specifically for women, Tecnica has introduced some updates to the women's Mach1 for the 2018 ski season. The W2W Project focuses on specifics like warmth, customization, comfort, and performance, and Tecnica has utilized the group's findings to introduce new fibers, liners, and custom fit cuffs for this season's Mach1. The photos below show the differences between this year's new version on the left and last year's boot on the right.
Tecnica Mach1 105 MV - Women's
  • New Fiber for Added Warmth — A new fiber called Celliant is now being used in the boot liners. This technology uses minerals which transfer body heat into infrared energy, which is said to reflect back onto the foot, keeping your toes toastier. Tecnica also added merino wool to the toe box.
  • Softer Liner Material — The Custom Adaptive Shape (C.A.S.) liner has been updated to use a softer microcell material for a more comfortable fit and boasts a low pack out rate over time.
  • New Custom Fit Cuffs — A new C.A.S. Cuff Adapter allows for quicker and easier molding of the upper cuff to the shape of the lower leg. Additionally, the back pull-on loop has been removed on the new cuff.
  • Adjusted Stance — After studying the biomechanics of women on skis with the University of Verona, Tecnica introduced their Women's Natural Stance to these boots, placing the wearer a little more upright, which is supposed to result in less fatigue and better performance while you're out shredding the gnar.

Since we haven't had the pleasure of buckling into this new version of the Mach1 just yet, the review that follows represents last year's version of this award-winning boot.

Hands-On Review of the 2017 Mach1 105 MV

The Mach 1 by Tecnica can take us where we want to go anywhere on the mountain. This super responsive, stiff boot has great progressive flex and is quite comfortable. Ladies with bigger calves will need to be conscious about how they buckle up the top of this boot.

The Tecnica Mach 1 105 Women's boot is made for a hard charging skier who wants to go all over the mountain.
The Tecnica Mach 1 105 Women's boot is made for a hard charging skier who wants to go all over the mountain.

Comfort and Fit

The medium volume version of the Mach 1 has a roomy 100mm last and felt like plenty of room for our tester's average forefoot. Surprisingly, when we first put them on we noticed that our toes touched the end, which is not bad, but they feel slightly shorter than the Lange RX 110 LV - Women's. Once we tapped our heels back, it was not an issue. The Mach 1 feel like they are made for people with skinnier calves. It felt like the boot fit tight around our low calf muscle and was loose around the ankle — opposite of what we like.

We had to play with the buckles and power strap to get the right fit and we think this situation can be remedied with a footbed and a good boot fitter. Otherwise, the tongue is cushy and we did not experience any shin bang. We tested these boots in the MV or medium volume version, but they also come in a low volume model for those with narrower feet. The Lange RX 110 also come in a low volume model. If you're looking for a super comfortable, albeit less aggressive ride, the Head Dream 100 Women's is a good choice.

The Tecnica Mach 1s are very easy to get on and off  even when they're cold.
The Tecnica Mach 1s are very easy to get on and off, even when they're cold.

Surprisingly, despite the less desirable fit for some of our testers, none of them experienced any heel lift and the boots performed like a dream.

Downhill Ski Performance

This is where the Mach 1s really get to business. All of our testers really enjoyed skiing this boot. They are quite responsive on hard pack; you just need to move your legs slightly and they will put the ski on edge. The Mach 1s feel stiffer and not as forgiving as the Lange RX 110; even though the Mach 1's flex is rated to a 105, we'd rate them slightly stiffer. The Nordica Speed Machines are also rated at a 105 flex, but the Mach 1s are definitely stiffer.

We felt confident that the Mach 1s would turn when we asked them to.
We felt confident that the Mach 1s would turn when we asked them to.

This boot feels like a hard-charging boot for an expert skier lady. The Mach 1 took the off-piste soft crud well and we could make quick snappy turns while staying on top of the ski. Our testers who are used to a more race-inclined boot commented on how upright this boot feels. This is a trend for all mountain boots; because we're riding skis that are more and more rockered, we don't need to be quite as forward in our boot. All of the boots in this review are relatively upright compared to a race style boot and drive rockered skis well. This boot didn't fit our testers' feet as well as they would like, feeling like there was lots of room around the heel and tightness around the calf. However, they didn't feel that their heel was lifting in the steeps, which is pretty remarkable. We could ski this boot with confidence in all terrain. They have a great progressive flex with no pushback, remaining stout but willing.

The Tecnica Mach 1's liner is fit perfectly to the shell and makes contact with all the nooks and crannies for great responsiveness.
The Tecnica Mach 1's liner is fit perfectly to the shell and makes contact with all the nooks and crannies for great responsiveness.


The buckles feel more ergonomic and modern than the Lange RX 110. Tecnica claims that one reason these boots are so responsive is that the liner is fit perfectly to the shell and makes contact with all the nooks and crannies to create a more instant power transfer, and we're inclined to believe it.

The shells and liners also have all the usual customization you would expect in a high-end, performance, all-mountain boot for your boot fitter to make them fit like a glove. They don't have many features you can adjust yourself, like a flex adjustment like on the Head Dream - Women's or Dalbello Kyra 95 ID, but we don't think they need that.

We like the look and features of the Tecnica Mach 1 boot.
We like the look and features of the Tecnica Mach 1 boot.

The Mach 1's soles are not particularly grippy, and we noticed that our testers fell on their butts embarrassingly in the parking lot more often than with any other boot.


We did not notice any durability issues with this boot. They seem like a stout, burly boot that will last you a long time. They weigh a hefty 8lbs, 10oz. The lightest boots we tested are the Atomic Hawx Ultra 110s, which also feel more brittle and delicate than the Mach 1. We like the broad, easy to use buckles and they seem to be lower profile than the Lane RX 110 and Head Dream models which makes them less likely to snag on something and break while walking. The Mach 1s do have a white microfleece liner that will tend to show dirt and wear more than a black liner like in the Lange RX 110's.


These award-winning boots have a cozy thick liner and a roomy fit, allowing for plenty of circulation for your feet. The Mach 1s are on the warmer end of the spectrum, along with the Salomon XPro 90 Women's and the Dalbello Kyra. The Mach 1s we tested were the MV or medium volume model, meaning it has a 100mm last, meant to be for an average woman's foot size. We think the Mach 1's last feels on the wider side when compared with some 100mm last widths, like the Nordica Speed Machine 105, and it allows for greater circulation and warmth. Our testers noticed their feet going numb far less than in a low volume boot like the RX 110 or the Atomic Hawxs. Their Custom Adaptive Shape liners, if fit to your foot properly, will keep your toes warm all day riding the lifts.

The Tecnica Mach 1 has a roomy fit and thick liner to keep your feet warm.
The Tecnica Mach 1 has a roomy fit and thick liner to keep your feet warm.

Best Application

The Tecnica Mach 1, as their name may suggest, are for charging at high speeds and on steeps, on and off piste. This is a great choice for an expert lady skier — super responsive and inspiring of confidence in difficult terrain. You know they are going to turn when you ask them to without any backtalk or hesitation.


Retailing for $600, the Tecnica Mach 1 is right in the middle of the pack for its price, therefore making this pair of ski boots a great value, especially considering their superior performance. The Lange RX 110 retail for $100 more and have lost their competitive edge over other boots because of this. Both of these boots are great high performers, but we'd reach for the Mach 1s first simply because of the price.


If you're looking for a new boot to up your ante on the slopes, on and off-piste, the Mach 1 could be for you. Our testers with bigger/lower calves needed to keep the power straps and top buckles loose for a better fit, but this can be worked out by your boot fitter. The instant power transfer and fun, snappy responsiveness of this boot wins it our Editors' Choice Award. Our expert level skiers loved skiing this boot in all conditions, and they kept our feet nice and warm. It may have a bit of an upright feel if you're coming from a racing background, but so will all the all-mountain category boots. The Technica Mach 1 is a great value for a high-performance product.

The Tecnica Mach 1 drives the expert Volkl Aura skis with ease.
The Tecnica Mach 1 drives the expert Volkl Aura skis with ease.
Jessica Haist

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