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Nordica Enforcer 93 Review

This contender has superb edge hold and energy through turns.
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Price:  $650 List | $649.95 at REI
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Pros:  Excellent carving ski, quick
Cons:  Chatter in the tips, poor powder performance
Manufacturer:   Nordica
By Andrew Pierce ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 13, 2018
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#4 of 10
  • Stability at Speed - 20% 8
  • Carving - 20% 9
  • Crud - 20% 8
  • Powder - 20% 7
  • Playfulness - 15% 7
  • Bumps - 5% 7

The Skinny

When Nordica introduced their Enforcer 100, skiers from coast to coast went wild. It handled all types of ski conditions and terrain well and won many awards for its versatility. The Enforcer 100 was SO popular that Nordica decided to build on their success by creating a ski with a similar profile, only a bit smaller. Typically, when a ski gains popularity and the manufacturer decides to capitalize on its success by offering different waist widths, the new versions fall flat on their faceā€¦but not so with the Nordica Enforcer 93!

The 93mm underfoot version of the Enforcer is everything it's bigger brother is, and maybe even slightly more versatile. This version, in the 185cm length, measures in at 126mm in the tip, 93mm underfoot, and 114mm in the tail. It has a slight tip and tail rocker with camber in between and an 18.5-meter turn radius. The 2018 version is unchanged from 2017, except for the subtle difference in top-sheet graphics. Our testers were stoked to have these back for another round of testing!

Graphic Updates

Since our testing period, the Enforcer 93 has undergone some subtle graphic changes, which you can see in the photo above. Nothing else has changed about this ski.

October 2018

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Once again, all of our testers loved the Nordica Enforcer 93s and were begging for more days on them by the end of our testing period. It surprised some of our testers by going blow for blow with our top-ranked skis in nearly every testing category. And although it fell short of being chosen as the top ski for 2018, it still earns a Top Pick award from us. After Nordica introduced their Enforcer 100, they promised similar versions with the same outstanding performance, and the 93mm underfoot version continues to live up to all of the hype.

Show us those bases!
Show us those bases!

The Enforcer 93 has found its own niche and may even be preferred over its larger companion in certain parts of the country.

Wide open groomers on the hard pack loving Enforcers.
Wide open groomers on the hard pack loving Enforcers.

Stability at Speed

The Enforcer 93's are constructed with a full wood core and TWO, count them, TWO layers on Titanium that extend over the edges. This design produced a ski with a surprising amount of flex, which remains fairly consistent from tip to tail, but also adds to the overall stability and power of the ski. One might expect these skis to have the potential to overpower the skier like the Volkl Mantra can, but the Enforcer's power is much more easily harnessed.

When comparing the Enforcer 93 at high speeds, it is not as susceptible to tip chatter as the Rossignol Soul 7 HD and feels reliable and consistent. Although not quite as stable as say, the Black Crows Daemon, our testers felt comfortable pushing this ski to its speed limit.

Coming in hot - the Enforcers have what it takes.
Coming in hot - the Enforcers have what it takes.

Carving Performance

"I can't stop carving!!" one of our testers yelled as he screamed by a group of us on a wide-open groomer.

Enough cannot be said of this ski's carving performance. It went head to head with all of the other top skis tested this year; even the highly praised Mantra and Daemon. The Enforcer 93 is exceptionally user-friendly, in that it WANTS to be laid on its edge and is very easy to transition from edge to edge. The power felt while arcing turns is almost unmatched, and rarely, if ever, feels overpowering. The 185cm version comes with an 18.5-meter turn radius, but our testers felt it was a breeze to change the shape and size of their turns in any way they wanted, quite unlike the Icelantic Pioneer 96 that seemed limited. The mellow tip rocker allows for nearly full edge contact when the ski is driven, and the slight tail rocker allows for easy release out of each turn, no matter how fast you are going.

This is what the Enforcer 93s were made for.
This is what the Enforcer 93s were made for.


Gotta love the crud. The Enforcers do!
Gotta love the crud. The Enforcers do!

Though the Enforcer 93 does not have a considerable crud busting tip, its relatively proportional "blunt-nosed" tip is designed specifically for busting through the chunder.

While our testers felt comfortable on this ski in most types of crud, it does tend to get bucked around a deflect a bit in chopped up pow like the Soul 7s. On a positive note, unlike most of our skis tested, it handled refrozen chunder and ice quite well.

Crud busting should be an Olympic sport!
Crud busting should be an Olympic sport!


This ski handled up to six inch powder days with ease. As one might expect, when Mother Nature delivers more than a few inches, you might be reaching for a ski with more surface area underfoot that was intended for soft snow, such as the Blizzard Rustler 10.

As with most skis in the all-mountain category, the Enforcer 93 was not specifically designed for deep powder days. The rocker found in the tip and tail provide a bit of float and excellent maneuverability in the soft snow, but on the deepest days, our testers were wishing for the Enforcer with 100mm underfoot while bottoming out on the firm snow underneath. If your local hill's powder days are measured in inches and not feet, these could still be the sticks you reach for, even on a pow day.

Pow pow on the Enforcers!
Pow pow on the Enforcers!


When you hear two full layers of titanium, you don't normally equate that with playfulness, but the Enforcer continued to surprise us, even in this testing metric. While not explicitly poppy and forgiving, the Enforcer 93 is on par with the Legend X regarding playfulness.

While relatively stiff, the flex is fairly consistent throughout the ski and some pop can be found under the right conditions. The maneuverability of the ski also adds to the playfulness, as it makes it quite easy to whip around and even land switch if you so desire.

Big fun at Kirkwood on the Enforcers!
Big fun at Kirkwood on the Enforcers!


If you only like to bash bumps, the Enforcer 93 may not be the ski for you. Even compared to its brother, the Enforcer 100, it falls just a bit short. While the ski does pivot well, it feels a bit clumsy.

If you're an expert mogul skier, you may find pleasure in the stiffness of the Enforcer 93. As for us mere mortals, a ski with a bit softer flex is a better fit for a day of moguls, like the Rustler 10s.

Bumps  crud  pow...Enforcers destroying it all.
Bumps, crud, pow...Enforcers destroying it all.

Best Application

The Enforcer 93 lives to carve. It's is geared towards ripping fresh corduroy and hardpack, but it performed well in the majority of our testing metrics. That being said, this can be considered a true all-mountain ski no matter where in the world your local hill is located, and if you find yourself on a pair, you should feel comfortable exploring the entire mountain. Just make sure you show the Enforcers some love and open them up on a groomer or two.

The Enforcers showing off their all-mountain potential.
The Enforcers showing off their all-mountain potential.


The price tag is well worth it here. When it comes to high-performance skis, this model is at the lower end of the price range yet performs like a top dog. For its price-to-performance ratio, it is only bested by the Bizzard Rustler 10.


While the Nordica Enforcer 93 was scored lower than a few pairs of skis we tested, it held its own. Nordica followed up on their highly rated Enforcer 100 with a slightly skinnier ski and somehow managed not to lose any of the highly acclaimed performance. With a relatively small waist (93mm underfoot), the Enforcer 93 lends itself to being more of a daily driver for the East Coast, but we felt right at home on them in the West too, especially in this low snow year.

All mountain fun on the Enforcers.
All mountain fun on the Enforcers.

Andrew Pierce