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ECCO Yucatan Review

This sandal is comfy enough for casual use, but if you need something more rugged, look elsewhere.
ECCO Yucatan
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Price:  $135 List | $112.97 at Amazon
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Pros:  Comfortable, plush footbed
Cons:  Firm sole, lack of stability, lack of durability
Manufacturer:   ECCO
By Tommy Penick ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 31, 2013
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  • Comfort - 20% 6
  • Stability - 20% 5
  • Fit - 20% 4
  • Durability - 15% 4
  • Traction - 25% 6

Our Verdict

The ECCO Yucatan is seemingly unanimously claimed as one of the most comfortable sandals on the market. However, after extensive testing, we highly preferred some of our other options, such as the Teva Terra Fi 4 or, for individuals looking to solve foot problems, the Chaco Z/2 Classic. Simply put, we didn't find this shoe to be nearly as effective in outdoor situations as many of its competitors, although we did find it to be a nice, comfortable shoe. Its weight, lack of durability and lack of features make it a better urban shoe than a weapon of exploration, such as we typically seek with OutdoorGearLab. ECCO has an amazing reputation for casual shoes (formal to us dirtbags), golf shoes and other fashionable shoes, but seemed to miss the spot for us in the outdoor world.

Our Analysis and Test Results


The ECCO's footbed is super comfortable—the smooth texture feels good immediately, though the secondary support feels pretty firm. All of the straps are well padded and give a nice, soft touch to the skin. We also found the sole to be pretty firm, and a little harsh on impact.


Like mentioned above, we felt like the Yucatan fell short in terms of stability. One major design flaw of the shoe is the front strap, which has a Velcro strip but doesn't really adjust. Below the Velcro strap is a piece of material, sewn in at a set distance, making this shoe super loose on some of our testers.

Fit and Design

The lack of front strap adjustability is a killer for us. Such an oversight seems unlike the good folks at ECCO that we know make high-quality products. Additionally, though sized correctly, the non-adjustable front strap also sits nearly on top of our toes, rather than behind the breaking point of our feet, where it should be. The shoe's overall stiffness mixed with the lack of contact with the foot led for a brick-like feel that we couldn't get over.

Additionally, the rear strap is padded, which is great. However, this padding prevents limitless tightening of the strap, therefore leaving even more play in the fit of the shoe.


The ECCO is built with nice and soft materials—great for the first wear or times around the house. However, these materials start to get banged up pretty quick, which is unfortunate for a shoe costing this much.


Though the rest of the shoe is pretty lackluster, the sole design is pretty darn cool. With deep lugs and a hard compound these shoes did well in loose conditions, and functioned well on rocks, too.

Best Applications

Casual wear, urban wear, and other non-taxing uses.


At $130, the ECCO Yucatan was the most expensive shoe we tested and reported durability issues.


The ECCO would be a fine choice if you'll be spending almost 100% of your time inside, in urban environments, or on short, paved trails, but otherwise check out some of the more robust, outdoor-oriented shoes such as the Terra Fi 4 or for the ultimate support, the Chaco Z/2 Classic.

Tommy Penick