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Skechers Reggae-Rasta Review

A sandal that is most at home…staying at home
Skechers Reggae-Rasta
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Price:  $45 List | $34.85 at Amazon
Pros:  Affordable, thick heel
Cons:  Uncomfortable, lacks versatility, lacks traction
Manufacturer:   Skechers
By Shey Kiester ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 3, 2017
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  • Comfort - 20% 5
  • Traction - 20% 5
  • Stability - 20% 6
  • Adjustability - 20% 6
  • Style - 10% 6
  • Adaptability - 10% 6

Our Verdict

The Sketcher Reggae-Rasta was the only open-back model in our review, and although this shoe is a good choice for applications around town or around the house, it fell short in most of our metrics. With that said, many testers found that the sketcher was a comfortable and easy-to-slip-on option for trips to the grocery store or for gardening. For a model that provides more all-around support for outdoor pursuits, check out the KEEN Clearwater CNX or the Editors' Choice-winning Bedrock Cairn Adventure.

Our Analysis and Test Results

For aggressive outdoor activities, the Reggae-Rasta is not the highest performer, but if you're looking for the sandal with the fastest on-and-off for quick trips around town, this is a good choice for you.

Performance Comparison

The Rasta in all her glory.
The Rasta in all her glory.
Photo: Shey Kiester


For most foot types, the footbed of the Reggae-Rasta did not work well. Although the footbed itself provides a nice squish (and an extra-thick heel provides protection from the ground), many testers pointed out multiple pressure points in the shoe's arch support system. This is not a shoe for high-arched users, as the footbed leaves the arch itself unsupported while putting pressure on the outer foot. If you're looking for a more supportive model, try the KEEN Clearwater or the Chaco Zx/2.


The Reggae-Rasta's thick heel provides a nice protective layer between the user's heel and the ground below. However, most users felt that the design of the footbed provided little arch support if any. A more supportive option is the Chaco Z/Cloud 2.


The Reggae-Rasta had average performance on an inclined trail with loose gravel. Although the Reggae-Rasta had a nice grip pattern (with modest lugs), the lack of a heel strap really hindered its performance in this metric. Going up a steep trail was nearly impossible in this model, and testers found themselves clenching their toes to keep the shoe on. Going down was a bit better, but users did not feel as confident as in models like the Cairn Adventure or Keen Newport H2.

The traction of this model leaves a little to be desired when...
The traction of this model leaves a little to be desired when compared to the higher performing models in our review.
Photo: Shey Kiester


With a single adjustment point, the Reggae-Rasta only provides adjustment across the midfoot. This is adequate for around-town use, but for outdoor pursuits, this adjustment did not prove to be enough. For a shoe with more adjustment, we like the Teva Tirra.


Because of its poor performance in our other metrics, the Reggae-Rasta did not show much versatility. However, if you're not looking for versatility, then this is the shoe for you. It does errands and housework very well, and some of our testers found it to be very stylish. For a more adaptable model, check out the KEEN Clearwater.


As style is subjective, be sure to check out the Reggae-Rasta and see if it floats your boat. This model split our tester pool down the middle, with one side screaming that they loved it and the other shouting that they hated it. For a more universally-accepted style choice, look at the Bedrock Cairn Adventure.

Best Applications

The Reggae-Rasta is best for use around town. We do not recommend this model for hiking.


The cheapest model in our test, the Reggae-Rasta is a cheap around-town shoe that will protect the sole of your foot.


Our testers aren't going to beat Usain Bolt in a footrace, but that's because they're not sprinters. Similarly, the Reggae-Rasta is not going to stack up to some of the more athletically inclined sandals in this review. However, if you're looking for an affordable shoe to get you from Point A to Point B around town, this is the product for you.

Shey Kiester