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Vasque Inhaler II GTX Review

If you want to cover lots of ground lightly without needing much stability or water resistance, this rockered lightweight hiker is right up your…trail
Vasque Inhaler II GTX
Photo: Vasque
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Price:  $160 List
Pros:  Very lightweight, most breathable, solid all-around traction
Cons:  Lacks comfort and stability, low water resistance
Manufacturer:   Vasque
By Ross Robinson ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 27, 2016
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Our Verdict

Vasque no longer makes the Inhaler II boot.

Trying to keep up with someone laced up in the Vasque Inhaler II GTX could present a formidable challenge. Vasque has designed a hiking boot that is like a trail running shoe on steroids. Combining synthetic mesh from trail runners with leather commonly found in hikers, it's lightweight and super breathable, but also waterproof and reaches over the ankles. It gains purchase all kinds of surfaces too, from mud to scree to wet rocks. If moving quickly on trails through warm to hot weather appeals to you, this well-ventilated pair could be right up your alley.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Costing $160, the Vasque Inhaler II GTX is like a trail running shoe with additional hiking boot features. It's very light (2.18 lbs) and breathable, with an upper of mostly mesh panels. However, it also features a waterproof Gore-Tex liner, a mid-cut ankle collar, and a stiffening TPU shank between the midsole and outsole, reminding you that it is indeed a hiking boot.

Performance Comparison

When you take a break for lunch or to rest your feet, the...
When you take a break for lunch or to rest your feet, the breathability and smell factor of your boots will be improved by removing and drying the insert.
Photo: Ross Robinson


The Inhaler II is a moderately comfortable hiking boot. We liked the wide and roomy toe box, and the molded EVA midsole coupled with a TPU shank insert made pointy rocks underfoot only a minor annoyance. After hiking for several hours throughout the morning and afternoon in these boots with a heavy pack, our tired feet informed us that this model was better off with a lighter pack. However, our feet did stay dry inside what we consider the most breathable boot in this review. Many light-packing hikers might be willing to put up with the trade-off of light boots with built-in a/c for less comfort.

The lacing system is made up of four lower webbing eyelets, one middle, and one upper plastic hook eyelet. When snugging up this pair of boots, we found it difficult to get the desired tightness without creating pressure points on the bridge of our feet. We also found the heel to be wider than most, and we did experience minimal slippage.

Do experiment with different knot and lacing techniques to get an...
Do experiment with different knot and lacing techniques to get an exact fit for your foot shape. Could be a game changer!
Photo: Ross Robinson

If your heel experiences slippage in your hiking boots, we recommend incorporating a heel lock technique into your lacing routine. Here is a video from Backcountry Edge showing that knot with pretty easy-to-follow instructions.


This Vasque boot is one of the taller lightweight models featured in this review, and features the widest forefoot of all twelve boots. The TPU instep shank also brings some load-bearing stiffness. This all provides a solid basis of support and sufficient ankle stability for terrain that doesn't get too aggressive.

The lightweight Inhaler II from Vasque provides decent ankle...
The lightweight Inhaler II from Vasque provides decent ankle protection and traction for its weight.
Photo: Ross Robinson


In every traction test we threw at the Inhaler II, it performed above-average of the standard set by the other twelve boots. Through wet and dry rock slopes, scree fields, mud slops, and class 4 climbing, this boot was up to the task across the board.

The Inhaler II is pretty awesome in sloppy mud, providing us with...
The Inhaler II is pretty awesome in sloppy mud, providing us with ample traction.
Photo: Ross Robinson


This boot is technically the second-lightest model in our review. It measured 2.18 lbs on our scale, beating out the Tor Summit Mid WP by a mere 0.16 ounces. To cut weight, Vasque substituted synthetic mesh material for the burly leather upper of classic hiking boots. Some leather strips remain, however, to hold the mesh panels together. A thin ankle collar and eyelets of webbing and plastic, instead of metal, also help shed ounces.

The second lightest hiking boots in our review, the Vasque Inhaler...
The second lightest hiking boots in our review, the Vasque Inhaler II GTX.
Photo: Ross Robinson

Water Resistance

With a five inch water clearance, this product falls in the middle of the pack for this category. While it held up well when crossing very shallow canyon creeks in southern Peru, we would rather grab a taller, more waterproof pair for any hikes with anticipated water crossings. The mesh upper is quick to absorb water, which weighs it down and diminishes its otherwise great breathability. It survived our lake edge water test without blinking, though, and dried faster than most after being completely drenched.

Although shorter in height than many others in this review, its...
Although shorter in height than many others in this review, its water resistance was good enough for the majority of creeks and streams we encountered.
Photo: Ross Robinson


The Inhaler II scored toward the bottom of the list in terms of durability. Its reliance on synthetic mesh and a large number of seams doesn't bode well for longevity. To increase the life of these seams, we recommend applying a seam sealer. Furthermore, the midsole is completely exposed on the bottom of the outsole on the foot arch. Vasque probably did this to save weight, but it already began to show signs of wear and tear toward the end of our testing period.

Best Applications

For moderate terrain in warm to hot weather, this highly breathable product from Vasque will serve you very well, especially if you are hiking light. If you prefer a more supportive version of hiking shoes without going overboard on weight, these fit the bill.

Photo: Ross Robinson


These boots offer a pretty solid value. Its most similar competitor in this review from Merrell costs $70 more, and doesn't provide equal performance. While they aren't the model of choice for all hiking situations, they do offer excellent breathability and reliable traction in a lightweight hiker that rises above its trail running and hiking shoe cousins in a more rugged fashion.


We liked lacing up the Vasque Inhaler II GTX on our feet for day hikes, and constantly reached for them over the others when the temperatures rose into the mid-seventies. We think you'll be tempted to break into a run as you cruise mile after mile with these incredibly lightweight hiking boots, not needing to worry if the trails are wet, dry, or even involve a bit of scrambling. They are also one of the least expensive boots we reviewed. This boot will bring you places quickly, without the sweaty socks.

The extremely light and agile Inhaler II is a great choice for...
The extremely light and agile Inhaler II is a great choice for crushing miles with a minimal pack. Its great breathability suits it for some summertime use as well.
Photo: Ross Robinson

Ross Robinson