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Astral Filipe Review

Strap these to your feet and forget about them, these have serious staying power
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astral filipe flip flop review
Astral Filipe
Credit: Astral
Price:  $75 List
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Manufacturer:   Astral
By Brian Martin ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 20, 2020
  • Comfort - 30% 7.0
  • Support - 20% 8.0
  • Traction - 20% 9.0
  • Versatility - 15% 9.0
  • Style - 15% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Astral Filipe is the swiss army knife of flip flops. While these are marketed as water flip flops, they are certainly capable of traversing trails, dunes, or granite slabs. In fact, we gave the Filipe our Top Pick for Hiking award as they are the best suited for the job. Some might feel that having a removable heel strap is an unfair advantage when pitting these flops up against other non-strapped models, and to them we say, "Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion man" a la Jeffrey Lebowski. With or without the strap, the Filipe is an excellently comfortable, grippy, and good-looking pair of kicks. If you're looking for a high-quality and versatile flip flop, this is the one.
Great for hiking
Extra straps can get in the way
Astral discontinued the Filipe sandal in 2021.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Filipe is a quality flip flop with above-average poise for hiking. The highlights are its convertible strap system, excellent traction in a variety of environments, and comfort. This performance, coupled with low weight, makes it an excellent choice for strapping onto a pack for backpacking trips when you want footwear for both camp comfort and stream fording.

Performance Comparison

astral filipe flip flop review - the filipe is a chameleon. rugged trail going footwear that quickly...
The Filipe is a chameleon. Rugged trail going footwear that quickly converts to stylish social ladder climbing flops at a moment's notice.
Credit: Brian Martin


The Filipe is packed with unique features that set it apart from the competition. To start, the footbed is comprised of two different materials. The main body of the footbed is compression-molded EVA or ethylene-vinyl acetate (the material many shoe mid-soles are made of) with rubber pads inlaid where the foot puts the most pressure. Think of the classic footprint image: all of those contact points in the Filipe have inlaid grippy rubber. This gives a high level of comfort without sacrificing grip.

We did find some nitpicky issues with comfort that must be discussed. The heel strap, while an excellent addition, isn't always the most comfortable. When the strap is attached to the sandal but not in use, it is a major annoyance. This issue reared its head when we were in and out of the flip flops often, as you might be at a sport climbing crag. Though, to be fair, the strap can be completely removed if you don't plan to use it. Additionally, if you prefer high arch support, be aware that the Filipe offers more of a medium height. This is adequate and likely more fitting for the majority of the population but lacks the comfortable pressure relief a high arch provides after a long run or having your feet crammed into climbing shoes.

astral filipe flip flop review - with three possible strap configurations, the filipe offers a high...
With three possible strap configurations, the Filipe offers a high level of comfort and security in multiple situations.
Credit: Brian Martin


While the removable strap does go a long way towards boosting support and overall stability there are a few factors at play that our testers found to lower the overall stability of the Filipe. First, it is fairly narrow compared to other flip flops tested. Notably, the pinky toe side of our foot would often sit off the side of the footbed. This was the case with two of our gear testers. If you have a narrow foot, however, these flip flops may be extremely comfortable and stable underfoot.

With the knowledge that the Filipe does run a bit narrow, it is still uniquely suited for hiking. On steep and off-camber terrain, our foot stayed planted in the footbed which is indeed unique for a flip flop. Another unforeseen bonus was having the Filipe stay on our foot when walking through especially sticky mud where other models would have been sucked off our foot likely never to be seen again.

astral filipe flip flop review - compared to other flip flops tested the filipe is a bit on the...
Compared to other flip flops tested the Filipe is a bit on the narrow side. While our main tester pictured does have some bunion action going on, its accentuated by the narrow footbed of this flip. This does detract a bit from the overall stability and creates a bit of fold at the side.
Credit: Brian Martin


While Stealth Rubber used to be the go-to for Astral foot-wear, they recently started applying their own sticky, non-marking "G Rubber." As much as we love Stealth (especially those of us that are climbers), we have to admit the Astral G Rubber also does an excellent job. Expect to be able to stick to everything from wet river rocks to granite slabs.

One of the highlights of the Filipe is the ability to put all of that traction to use. Other flip flops with a high level of traction will often let the foot slip out the back — especially when wet or sweaty. The removable strap system on this one lets you put all of the G Rubber traction to good use without feeling that it will shoot you out backward down the river embankment.

astral filipe flip flop review - the secure strap system of the filipe in conjunction with grippy...
The secure strap system of the Filipe in conjunction with grippy rubber soles makes for some of the best traction we have experienced in a flip flop.
Credit: Brian Martin


Obviously, you should exercise sound judgment when deciding to wear flip flops as you are making your feet more vulnerable to the environment. That being said, this pair can go flippin' anywhere. The lightweight, grippy soles, and additional strap system impart a lot of confidence. Designed by boaters and water folk, the Filipe excels in boating situations like kayaking and sailing, keeping you safe on slippery surfaces and remaining on your feet if you go for a swim. Our climbing testers love them as "descent flops", clipping them to their harnesses and walking off the back of granite domes or down sandstone gullies.

These perform well in dry environments but even better in the wet. Astral designed them to stay on your feet in a water current, and indeed, they do. You don't have to do the toe-curl-foot-expansion method to keep the flops in place when fording a river — they do the work for you. Yes, closed-toe shoes are safer in these situations, and you should think long and hard about potentially dangerous toe-stubbings when you are using a flip flop, but the Filipe is mega versatile.

astral filipe flip flop review - the easily removable strap system allows you to transition from...
The easily removable strap system allows you to transition from situations where you need added security and the knowledge that you won't loose your flip flop in sticky shore mud to a casual backyard BBQ in seconds.
Credit: Brian Martin


The Filipe looks as good as it functions. It's stylish enough to help you blend in at the yacht club, and adding the heel strap gives you more of a granola munching thru-hiker look. The choice is yours! With several color options, you can be subtle or stand out. If you're a real type-a-Todd, you can definitely do a little outfit matching too.

Overall, the look of this shoe is simple and errs towards functionality rather than trying to look stylish. The result is a highly versatile flip flop that you probably shouldn't be wearing to your next formal event, even if your roomie is wearing his Birkenstocks. Though, depending on the event and your personal style, you could definitely pull it off.

astral filipe flip flop review - for such a rugged outdoor flip flop, the filipe is quite stylish. a...
For such a rugged outdoor flip flop, the Filipe is quite stylish. A short sleeve button-up, Patagonia shorts, and the Filipe will certainly have you looking fresh at your next social obligation.
Credit: Brian Martin


These are not bargain bin flip flops from wall-e-world. They are designed to be versatile, grippy, and lightweight, which also translates to expensive. As one of the most versatile flips we tested, they certainly carry their weight. If you're anything like our testers, you probably slip on flip flops any chance you get and, therefore, will squeeze every drop of life out of the Filipe. If this is the case, we highly recommend them and feel the hefty price tag is indeed worth it.


Our initial skepticism was blown away by the versatility of these flip flops. The traction of the G rubber, coupled with the removable strap system, works incredibly well even when used far beyond what it is designed for. Just because these are our Top Pick for Hiking, don't think they aren't a go-anywhere flip flop too, because they are. Boating, camping, and general flip floppery are all well within the scope of the Astral Filipe.

astral filipe flip flop review - the filipe is an excellent pair of flip flops with the added...
The Filipe is an excellent pair of flip flops with the added security of a unique strap system. This keeps them on your feet even when in a hurry.
Credit: Brian Martin

Brian Martin

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