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Merrell Juno Wrap Review

This supportive flip flop offers extreme comfort, decent traction, and looks great with a dress
Merrell Juno Wrap
Photo: Merrell
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Price:  $100 List | Check Price at Amazon
Pros:  Fashionable, comfortable, supportive, impressive traction
Cons:  Not waterproof, tight toe loop, expensive
Manufacturer:   Merrell
By Hayley Thomas ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 11, 2021
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  • Comfort - 30% 8
  • Support - 20% 9
  • Traction - 20% 7
  • Versatility - 15% 6
  • Style - 15% 10

Our Verdict

The Merrell Juno Wrap is not only comfortable and supportive, it's cute too. With this cute shoe, you don't have to sacrifice fashion for function or the other way around. While it will not be your flip of choice for long uphill hikes, the contoured footbed, EVA foam midsole, and thick straps offer optimal comfort right out of the box and the sharp angles found on the outsole work wonders on loose or uneven terrain. Whether you dress it up with a cute summer skirt or down with casual jeans, this sandal will have you feeling supported and sexy.

Our Analysis and Test Results

It's not often you find shoes that are equally as fashionable as they are functional. However, the Juno Wrap hits this nail right on the head. Between its optimal comfort, excellent support, and stellar traction, it's no wonder it is one of our top performers for support and style.

Performance Comparison

The fun and fashionable Juno Wrap offers a surprising amount of...
The fun and fashionable Juno Wrap offers a surprising amount of support and comfort.
Photo: Matthew Blake


The contoured footbed of the Juno Wrap offers all-day comfort. This true-to-size flip is just as comfortable out of the box as it is months into daily wear. While the straps soften over time and the footbed forms to your feet after extended wear, we wouldn't consider this shoe in need of a break-in period like some of the others in our test suite.

The EVA foam midsole provides some structure and the thick straps ensure that nothing is digging into the top of your foot. This slip-on Nubuck leather shoe has a synthetic lining that allows your feet to breathe, even in warm weather, and the round open toe offers a nice fit for a wide variety of foot shapes. The Juno is sized well for both wide and narrow feet and provides optimal comfort on most terrains.

The EVA midsole provides optimal comfort.
The EVA midsole provides optimal comfort.
Photo: Matthew Blake

Although the Juno performs very well here, we have a couple of bones to pick with it. The big toe strap is a little tight when brand new. It stretches very quickly, but this was the one part of the shoe we felt needed a little breaking in if you have large big toes. The shoes are also a little heavy, so extra long walks may feel cumbersome.

The Juno Wrap is not a lightweight shoe.
The Juno Wrap is not a lightweight shoe.
Photo: Matthew Blake


With the moderate arch and soft but firm contoured footbed, the Juno hit it out of the part in this metric. While they require next-to-no break-in, the contoured footbed forms to the wearer's feet over time, offering more customized support the longer you wear them.

The combination of the hard rubber outsole, EVA foam midsole, and soft foam top offers the foot a cozy spot to call home and the curves of the footbed help keep everything in place. The thick straps have a little stretch to them, and the tight big toe strap ensures that the sole is held close to the foot, increasing this flip's overall security.

The toe strap, while tight at first, provides awesome support.
The toe strap, while tight at first, provides awesome support.
Photo: Matthew Blake

While the Juno is one of our highest scorers in this department, the arch curve may not be high enough for those with extreme arches. That being said, the footbed does form to the bottom of your foot through use, so if you feel less than fully supported out of the box, chances are you'll feel more supported with time.

The contoured footbed and slightly stretchy straps offer optimal...
The contoured footbed and slightly stretchy straps offer optimal support.
Photo: Matthew Blake


For a fashion-forward shoe, we were very surprised with the amount of traction the Juno Wrap provides. The hard rubber outsole has ridges that are angled down and back to ensure that walking uphill, even on loose terrain, is a breeze. The sawtooth sole is extremely sharp, which makes it great for wet grass, mud, or even gravel.

While the outsole traction on the Juno proves superior, the interior footbed traction is another story. The leather footbed becomes a little slimy when presented with moisture. For a fashion shoe like this, it is a given that you will not be embarking on any long hikes, but it is worth noting that your feet may slip out in the presence of moisture while walking up steep terrain. The toe strap, however, helps mitigate this.

The Merrells provide stellar outsole traction, specifically when...
The Merrells provide stellar outsole traction, specifically when walking uphill.
Photo: Matthew Blake

Another detail worth mentioning is that because the teeth on the outsole are angled from front to back, traction is best used walking on flat or uphill terrain and is less effective when walking downhill. Overall, the Juno provides stellar outsole traction and mediocre footbed traction.

The footbed can get a little slippery when wet.
The footbed can get a little slippery when wet.
Photo: Matthew Blake


This shoe is versatile in the sense that it looks great with anything and can handle a surprising amount of terrain. The Juno Wrap fits both wide and narrow feet alike and can be very easily dressed up or down. The combination of support, comfort, and style make this a great all-day shoe that will carry you seamlessly from your morning dog walks, to work, and then out for cocktails with your coworkers.

While the traction and support allow for some versatility in terrain, these shoes were not made for hiking. They are more fashionable than sporty which is fine, though it does render them a bit less versatile. The footbed is also a little slippery when wet, so they don't handle water well, although you probably won't find yourself wanting to wade through a rushing river in these shoes anyway. This is not an outdoorsy shoe for the fashion-forward, it's a stylish sandal that can handle some rougher terrain.

This flip is ideal for daily use and fares better than expected on...
This flip is ideal for daily use and fares better than expected on rougher terrain.
Photo: Matthew Blake


If you need a sandal that can be worn out with a cocktail dress or sported with some jeans for a casual meet-up, then the Juno Wrap is a great option. Little details like the toe strap and a contrasting midsole give this flip flop a unique style.

Style is where the Juno Wrap truly stands out from the majority of options in our test suite. This shoe offers a chunky utilitarian take on a sandal, so if you prefer slim, thin straps, then this might not be the option for you. That said, we couldn't find an outfit these shoes didn't look cute with. The thick straps and sharp sawtooth sole offer a chunky look ensuring that these shoes don't go unnoticed.

Dress them up or dress them down, the Juno Wrap will complete any...
Dress them up or dress them down, the Juno Wrap will complete any outfit.
Photo: Matthew Blake


Fashion often comes at a price and the Juno is no exception. It is a well-thought-out shoe that could easily become your go-to for casual to semi-formal outings. While the price tag is rather high, we truly believe the use you will get out of these sandals makes them worth every penny.


This fashion-forward flip is the perfect everyday item to add to your closet. With the soft yet firm and form-fitting footbed, the support is excellent. It is comfortable enough for all-day wear and versatile enough to be the only sandal you bring with you while traveling, as long as you aren't planning long hikes into the backcountry. The Merrell Juno Wrap may be a bit of an investment, but considering it is comfortable and supportive and doesn't compromise style, we feel it is money well spent.

These fun and funky shoes are worth every penny.
These fun and funky shoes are worth every penny.
Photo: Matthew Blake

Hayley Thomas