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ProSource Premium 1/2-Inch Review

ProSource Premium 1/2" Yoga Mat and Pad
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Price:  $22 List
Pros:  Thick comfortable pad, multi-purpose, easy to clean, light, inexpensive.
Cons:  Poor stability for serious yoga, environmentally unfriendly.
Manufacturer:   ProSource
By Brian Blum ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jan 25, 2013
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  • Traction Dry - 15% 7
  • Traction Wet - 10% 7
  • Comfort - 20% 7
  • Durability - 15% 7
  • Portability - 20% 5
  • Eco-Groovy - 10% 2
  • Ease of Care - 10% 9

Our Verdict

The ProSource Premium looks nothing like a "typical" yoga mat due to its 1/2" cushioned foam construction, but is in fact an extremely versatile mat for those that have a diverse yoga, meditation and exercise practice. It is challenging to compare the ProSource to other mats as it performs more as an exercise pad than a yoga mat. Its thick padding works wonderfully in more restorative postures (on your knees or hips), but offers limited stability in others (one leg standing postures or arm balances). Overall we loved having this mat around as, in addition to a more restorative yoga practice, we were able to use it for Acro-Yoga and core exercise.

The drawbacks to the ProSource Premium is that if you are looking for a yoga mat to practice a more Western style of yoga, this mat does not provide the stability and feel you likely desire. The material is foam that stretches and gives quite readily. This makes it particularly hard to keep the mat in place while you move around, and even more difficult to balance on one leg. At an extremely affordable price this is a great mat to own, but for any serious yoga practitioner we suggest you also purchase the Jade Harmony or Manduka PRO.

Our Analysis and Test Results


The ProSource offers exceptional padding for Restorative Yoga or other more gentle practices, and will serve you well if you are using it for Pilates, P90X, Acro-Yoga, core workouts, or even as a sleeping pad when in a bind.

At only 2.5 lbs this mat is exceptionally light and easy to tote around. It comes with a carrying strap that keeps it nicely rolled up for transport. It is quite bulky at 0.5" in thickness and 71" in length, so we do not recommend it as a travel mat. However, the 1/2" of foam is enough to pad a variety of surfaces, making it extremely practical for outdoor use.

This mat is offered in five colors, although we were pretty happy with the black version we tested. This was especially true as we used it quite frequently outdoors and feel the black doesn't show dirt over time. Regardless, the mat is extremely easy to clean with soap and water and dries quickly in the sun.


For a practitioner practicing Power Yoga the ProSource does not provide a stable surface that will allow you to flow between Asanas and deepen your practice. The 1/2" of foam gives under your feet, will strain your wrists over time in poses like Plank and Balasana (Crow), and will stretch underneath you as you transition into and out of Down Dog. That said, we did test this mat in quite a few Power Yoga classes and found that although it was not ideal, it surprisingly worked well and offered the support and traction needed to enjoy the hour of moving meditation.

As with most inexpensive products, the material and manufacturing of this mat has little regard for the environment or for social justice. The ProSource Premium is manufactured in China (impossible to say where or under what conditions), is made of foam and other eco-unfriendly material, and likely contains chemicals that may be toxic to humans and the environment. In this respect we get what we pay for, so at $22 MSRP its hard to expect more from this product.


The ProSource Premium can be used for a variety of things and is a great general pad to have around. We found it useful for Pilates, ab workouts, P90X, and as a light crash pad. We used this mat a few times for yoga, but by far the most use we got out of it was practicing Acro-Yoga outside or wherever we could find space. If you are a yogi and are not familiar with Acro-Yoga I highly suggest you check out some videos on YouTube.


At $22 this mat offers a ton of value for its price. Its light weight makes it easy to bring around and throw in your trunk or over your shoulder on the way out the door. Having it around means you have a nice surface that you can put down anywhere to practice yoga or utilize for many other forms of exercise. It will not last forever and we hate to promote a product that will end up in the landfill. However, we have seen enough of these around in beat-up but usable condition to know that it holds up over time, especially when cared for properly.

Brian Blum