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Jawbone Up Move Review

The UP Move is nearly a comprehensive, modern pedometer at a budget price. All we wish for is a robust on-device display of ongoing data
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jawbone up move pedometer review
Jawbone Up Move
Credit: Jawbone
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Manufacturer:   Jawbone
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 11, 2018

Our Verdict

The UP Move by Jawbone is an excellent, high-end product. It is light and has a long battery life. It can either be worn as a watch or fitness tracker or clipped to your pants or bag. It was one of the easiest models to use and one of the most accurate. By scoring high or exceptionally in every metric, it took home the Editor's Choice Award. It's main drawback is no display.
Comprehensive data collection
Long battery life
No on-device display
Server down - no online support
Update - June 2018
The UP Move is no longer supported. Jawbone has declared bankruptcy and the company's website has been down since late May. Unfortunately, without app support from the Jawbone servers, the device is rendered useless.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The UP MOVE is one of the easiest to use sleep and activity trackers in our test. It automatically enters sleep mode and the data is readily viewed in the smartphone app the next morning. As a daytime activity monitor, the UP Move does well, too. However, we do wish that you could view at least a step count on the device itself. As the least expensive device that tracks sleep, we granted it one of our Best Buy Awards. Only the Ozo Fitness SC2 is overall a better deal, and it doesn't track sleep at all. For very simple step tracking, check out the Top Pick winning, ultra simple CSX Simple Walking 3D.

Performance Comparison

jawbone up move pedometer review - wilderness walking as well as (literally) more pedestrian travel can...
Wilderness walking as well as (literally) more pedestrian travel can be tracked with something like the Jawbone UP Move.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Data Management

The attribute we wish for the most on the UP Move is at least a little on-device data. There is basically none at all. In order to view even the most rudimentary of data, the user must pull out a smartphone and view synced data. There is a very basic, though difficult to interpret, display on the device itself. Basically, a lit circle denotes your percent progress toward a predetermined daily goal.

In actual usage, none of our test team found this sort of on-device percentage display to be more useful than syncing the data to the smartphone app and viewing it there. Once the data is on the phone and in view, the UP family of activity monitors provides interesting and easy to use information.

jawbone up move pedometer review - the "display" of the up move is limited to an indication the mode...
The "display" of the UP Move is limited to an indication the mode its in (awake vs sleep) and a rough estimate of one's progress toward a daily goal. The lights are shown here and interpreted with the users manual.
Credit: Jediah Porter

jawbone up move pedometer review - the main jawbone app home screen. in our usage, as well as in the...
The main Jawbone app home screen. In our usage, as well as in the opinion of various other web reviewers, the Jawbone app is the best in the business.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Depth of Data

We had no complaints or issues with the distance and step count data of the Jawbone. Like all the pedometers we tested, the step count standard is widely accepted and the distance information is a useful tool for calibrating one's effort. We appreciate the step count being front and center in the Flash interface and experience.

The sleep data generated is useful and clear. Jawbone has made excellent activity and sleep monitors for a few years and their instrumentation is clean and simple in this regard. There are known and notable issues with movement-based sleep tracking, but it is indeed useful information. In that regard, the Up Move is competitive with the rest of the field.

In terms of user-entered data, Jawbone, through its comprehensive app, allows the greatest depth of possibilities. Daily, or even more often, the user can record their mood, food consumed, fluid intake, and body weight. This data is then automatically and cleverly cross-referenced with sleep and activity information. Jawbone draws correlations, makes recommendations, and points out curiosities and milestones in the data, all automatically and smoothly. This is the best part of the Jawbone experience and the best suite of user entered data categories in our test. If you are proactive with monitoring all aspects of your health and appreciate a great platform for doing that, the UP Move is the best around.

jawbone up move pedometer review - the up move in two parts. one the left is the rubbery holder and...
The UP Move in two parts. One the left is the rubbery holder and clip, with the actual electronics housed on the right.
Credit: Jediah Porter


With an inaccuracy score of 2.25 percent, the UP Move tops all the tested app-ready devices in terms of accuracy. Only the simpler Top Pick CSX Simple Walking 3D and the Best Buy Ozo Fitness SC2 devices were more accurate in our testing. It is important to note that while we desire the most accurate data from our electronics, absolute accuracy is only part of the usefulness of the data generated on a fitness tracker.

Most importantly, for monitoring a single user's day-to-day information, comparative information is most important. As long as the error margin is consistent from one day to the next, the user can extrapolate valuable trends. That said, those with high standards of accuracy should note that the UP Move does better than most of the devices we tested in 2016. Other Jawbone products have also tested well for us in terms of accuracy, so we expect the algorithm to be only improving.

Ease of Use

Our only concern with the usability of the Jawbone UP Move is the lack of meaningful on-device data display. Otherwise, setup went smoothly, the app is clear and intuitive, and battery changes are easy. While we didn't test the long-term battery life, we did open and close the battery compartment to gauge the difficulty of doing so.

Initial set up of the UP Move was simple and clean as were subsequent runs. Close competitor FitBit Zip Wireless has a similar battery compartment design but was more difficult to manipulate in initial battery installation.


The Up Move is small, unobtrusive and reliably clips to clothing.

Among all the devices we tested, none were prohibitively bulky. In most casual and business clothing, even the largest device the Striiv Smart, is an unobtrusive pocket companion. That being said, the more compact devices like the UP Move and the Fitbit Zip Wireless are welcomed for their miniaturized electronics and smooth pocket profile.

jawbone up move pedometer review - the up move, as clipped to a pants pocket.
The UP Move, as clipped to a pants pocket.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Best Applications

The Up Move is a great tool for tracking sleep and steps. As long as you are okay with syncing to your smartphone for even intermediate data viewing, it is an excellent choice.

jawbone up move pedometer review - the parts of the electronic bit of the up move. the only piece in...
The parts of the electronic bit of the UP Move. The only piece in the top row is an included battery cover "wrench." A coin works just as well.
Credit: Jediah Porter


As noted above, this Best Buy Award Winner is the least expensive pedometer in our test that tracks sleep. Since many health conscious people are looking to track their sleep patterns, we consider this attribute a nearly vital addition to any accelerometer-equipped wearable. In this way, the Up Move handily wins one of our Best Buy awards. For absolute lower cost, however, there are pedometers that are less expensive. Notably, the Omron Alvita tracks steps, records seven days of data on the device, and doesn't require any smartphone shenanigans. All for half the cost of the Jawbone.


We have tested Jawbone products for many years. In some ways, the UP Move is the best product we've used from this activity tracking focused company. It is a close competitor to the best in the field, at a relatively low price, and does it paired with an industry leading app and data management interface. We love the Jawbone app, we love tracking our sleep, and many members of our testing team do not mind consulting their smartphones for ongoing activity progress reports. For these reasons, we give the UP Move high accolades.

jawbone up move pedometer review - the sleep tracking screen of the jawbone up. the fact that it tracks...
The sleep tracking screen of the Jawbone UP. The fact that it tracks sleep sets it apart from close competitor FitBit Zip Wireless.
Credit: Jediah Porter

Jediah Porter