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Patagonia Airchaser Review

Exceedingly comfortable and fast drying are the two top attributes for the best running shirt you can buy
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patagonia airchaser running shirt review
Credit: Patagonia
Price:  $49 List
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Manufacturer:   Patagonia
By Jeff Colt ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jun 2, 2020
  • Comfort - 35% 10.0
  • Breathability - 20% 8.0
  • Drying Speed - 15% 9.0
  • Versatility - 15% 6.0
  • Features - 15% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Patagonia Airchaser is, once again, our favorite running shirt and Editors' Choice Winner. With taped shoulder seams, gusseted underarm panels, reflective logos front and back, and insanely fast-drying, this shirt has it all. We took it out on long jogs in hot weather and found it to have superior wicking abilities; unless we were wearing a running pack, this thing seemed to dry as fast as we could sweat. What makes the Airchaser stand out is the attention to small details. Patagonia stripped the tag out of the neck for extra comfort, shoulder seams are taped instead of sewn to reduce abrasion, and key panels are made from polyester mesh to aid in ventilation without sacrificing comfort. We feel confident in saying you can't go wrong with this shirt.
Highly breathable
Quick drying
Taped seams on shoulders less durable than sewn seams

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Airchaser, or a variation of this shirt from Patagonia, has been our Editors' Choice Award Winner for several years running. Patagonia has done an excellent job of keeping useful attributes and refreshing the ones that needed some attention. This is an extremely comfortable, lightweight, and quick-drying running shirt that works well in a variety of outdoor pursuits. It is one of the few shirts that is truly not noticeable when running in it, which we love.

Performance Comparison

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - we circled back around to the reigning champion for a couple weeks...
We circled back around to the reigning champion for a couple weeks this year and it reminded us of what a running shirt can feel like: nothing. Packed up in that feeling of nothing is UPF protection, odor-control, mapped breathable fabrics, and weightlessness.
Credit: Jeff Colt


Patagonia has gone to great lengths to make the Airchaser incredibly comfortable. Not just comfortable in the dressing room at REI, but while you're actually using it. Some of the highlights include taped shoulder seams, varying types of polyester fabric paneling, and miDori bioSoft fabric softener baked in to make the polyester feel softer and less like slippery plastic.

As far as fit is concerned, our main tester opted for size medium and was happy with the in-between slim and relaxed fit. For scale, our tester is 5'10" and 155 pounds. Gusseted underarms and stretchy polyester provide a full range of movement unencumbered by tight fabric. The Airchaser is an excellent companion when out rock climbing, as overhead arm movements feel unrestricted. As a bonus, the shirt dries incredibly fast after long sweaty approaches to the crag.

Against the skin, the Airchaser is quite soft thanks in part to a miDori bioSoft additive, giving a level of suppleness to the polyester that we didn't find in many other shirts. Weighing only 2.6 ounces, there is hardly a chance for chaffing as the shirt feels weightless and floats with you as you run. The underarm gussets assist with unhampered mobility, and flat-sewn seams are low profile and done with soft, comfortable thread. The taped shoulder seams make hauling a backpack or running pack a friction-free affair, and our bony shoulders appreciated it.

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - the airchaser is so light and breathable that it really feels as if...
The Airchaser is so light and breathable that it really feels as if there is no shirt there at all.
Credit: Jeff Colt


Strategically placed polyester mesh panels on the Airchaser help to make it among the most breathable shirts we tested. This paneling lets air pass through seemingly unrestricted, which we appreciate when we're working hard.

The shirt is made of two different types of incredibly lightweight polyester. The heaviest of these fabrics weighs in at only 2.7 ounces per yard, and the entire shirt (in size medium) weighs only 2.6 ounces. These lightweight fabrics, coupled with clever mesh panel placement, make for a noticeably breathable shirt. The mesh on the back is slightly more effective at wicking moisture away from the body.

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - the body mapped mesh panels of the airchaser allow body heat to...
The body mapped mesh panels of the Airchaser allow body heat to escape, keeping you cool as a cucumber.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Drying Speed

The rate that a shirt dries once wet affects how much cooling effect you get from your sweat. In our experience, having a fast drying speed directly correlates to the quality of evaporative cooling you experience in warm, dry climates. When we put the Airchaser to the test with our spin cycle water retention method, we found some interesting information.

When wet, the Aichaser is 63% heavier than when dry. After a spin cycle in the wash, it only retains 32% of its weight in water and loses all of that water weight within the first 10 minutes of drying time. For the lightest shirt we tested, we were impressed to see how little water it held as a percentage of its dry weight and how quickly it dried to completion.

These findings might not sound that impressive on their own, but you can truly feel how well this shirt dries during activity. In the name of gear testing (and to test evaporative cooling), we kept this shirt on as we hopped in the Colorado River prior to a steamy run out to Rattlesnake Arches. Dripping wet, we laced up our shoes and before we were comfortably hitting our stride a couple minutes later, the shirt was almost completely dry.

While there are some downsides to having such a lightweight garment, such as potential durability issues, we are willing to cast those to the side for the amazing benefits of this shirt (the Patagonia guarantee doesn't hurt, either).

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - tempo workouts and other high output cardio - not a problem for the...
Tempo workouts and other high output cardio - not a problem for the shirt. But how are you breathing after that?
Credit: Jeff Colt

Features & Versatility

While many people will love to wear this shirt as a base layer beneath thicker layers in the winter, due to the usage of taped seams on the shoulders, we don't think it is as versatile as other shirts for this purpose.

Running shirts are quite simple, and the simplest have no reflective banding, odor control, variability in fabric types, or fabric softeners; the Airchaser has all of these. The miDori bioSoft fabric treatment gives the typically slippery synthetic feeling fabric a more cottony feel, upping its comfort dramatically. The collar has no tag, adding to neck comfort and decreasing the potential for chaffing, and the collar has a soft, thin sweatband sewn in to help control Niagara Falls as it pours from your scalp.

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - recycled polyester yet no lingering odor thanks to the heiq fresh...
Recycled polyester yet no lingering odor thanks to the HeiQ Fresh odor control agent.
Credit: Jeff Colt

The odor control on the Airchaser has proven to be effective, even after heavy use through Arizona heat waves. If you remember when synthetic fabrics became a staple in the outdoor community, you also remember the tragically ripe hoards of granola munching hikers passing you on the trail. The Airchaser has HeiQ applied to keep the ripeness at bay, and indeed it does.

Taped seams come apart faster than sewn ones, imploring you to limit the usage to times without a pack. This shirt also only has two reflectors to aid with night visibility, in contrast to the five reflectors found on some of the other shirts in our review. That said, in a clothing category that typically has few extra features, the Airchaser is loaded with them, yet retains an ultralightweight and high level of comfort.

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - despite the reflective logo on the front and back of the shirt, the...
Despite the reflective logo on the front and back of the shirt, the Airchaser lacks 360 degree reflective banding we want to see in running shirts.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Unlike the neckline, the care instructions tag on the side of the Airchaser is conventional and has to be cut away, leaving some harsher material in contact with the skin at that one spot. This is in contrast to some of the more thoughtful cut-away or tagless designs. Lastly, the Airchaser doesn't have any UPF rating, which could be improved upon.


The Airchaser is an excellent value. The shirt itself is functional, comfortable, performs as it is advertised, and is backed with Patagonia's replacement/repair program — if you do manage to destroy it. Patagonia has also put effort into using recycled polyester, making sure the materials and labor fall under fair trade regulations. These are important things that boost the cost without necessarily boosting the performance of the shirt; the fact that Patagonia can boast fair trade and that some of the material is recycled (and maintains exceptional performance) makes it a great value.

Patagonia incorporates taped seams on the shoulder to reduce...
Patagonia incorporates taped seams on the shoulder to reduce friction and chaffing if worn with a hydration pack.
Other than the taped seams on the shoulders, flatlock seams are used...
Other than the taped seams on the shoulders, flatlock seams are used throughout the Airchaser, here shown in the underarm gusset that allows for unhampered mobility. The darker green mesh is more breathable and mapped in the areas of the back where heat is shed.


We like everything about this shirt. Its good value, the eye towards sustainability, and its performance. We haven't found a quicker drying or more comfortable shirt yet, which is why this one remains our Editors' Choice Winner. The Patagonia Airchaser isn't the running shirt we deserve; it's the running shirt we need.

patagonia airchaser running shirt review - from a jog around prospect park to a multi fastpack through a...
From a jog around Prospect Park to a multi fastpack through a National Park, the Airchaser will take you there.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Jeff Colt

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