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Slackers Classic Series Kit Review

Slackers Classic Series Kit
Photo: Slackers
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Price:  $70 List
Pros:  Easy to walk, durable, hand line for beginners, nice ratchet.
Cons:  Not versatile.
Manufacturer:   slackers
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  May 17, 2015
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  • Ease of Set-Up - 20% 8
  • Versatility - 20% 6
  • Quality - 20% 8
  • Disassembly - 20% 8
  • Features - 20% 6

Our Verdict

The Slackers brand is a new company in the slacklining world formed by the former head of the Gibbon US distribution team. While their packaging looks similar to the old Gibbon slacklines, the Slackers lines themselves go well beyond the basic 2-inch toe strap webbing that Gibbon originally produced. The Slackers Classic Series Kit is a basic 2-inch slackline that comes with an extra hand line for beginners. This simple feature makes this line far less intimidating and fun for all ages and experience levels. The webbing is stiff yet bouncy, making it easy for those wanting to learn to walk but also fun for those that want to jump around a little. This is a good all-around line and fits the needs of a novice and the slightly more advanced beginner. If you are interested in a line that does all this plus has a bit more bounce for learning dynamic tricks, check out our Editors' Choice winner, the Slackers Wave Walker.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Slackers Classic Series Kit is a 50 foot, 2-inch line with a ratchet for tensioning. It comes with an additional 8 foot long anchor line and an overhead hand line which helps beginners keep their balance while learning to walk.

Performance Comparison

This line is a new release in the 2-inch slackline field.
This line is a new release in the 2-inch slackline field.
Photo: Libby Sauter

Ease of Set-up

This line is easy to set-up, even for beginners. It comes with a single page of simple picture-based directions, but even without them we had beginners set this line up in under ten minutes. You wrap the line around a tree, wrap the ratchet webbing around another tree, thread the main line through the ratchet and crank it down. Once you've gotten the hang of it and found suitable anchor points, the whole process takes less than five minutes. Also, the blocky print on only one side of the webbing helps you keep the line free from twists.

If you pinch the line so that it lays flat through the girth hitch...
If you pinch the line so that it lays flat through the girth hitch, it makes for a nicer line to walk on.
Photo: Libby Sauter

The line itself is a full 50 feet long, and the ratchet line adds an additional 8 feet to the system. This gives this line an advantage over the Gibbon ClassicLine, which advertises a 49 foot length but includes the anchor webbing in that total. A slightly longer line like this one gives you more options when it comes to finding anchor points.


The Slackers Classic Series Kit is similar to the Gibbon ClassicLine, and they are both good options for novice slackers. However, the overhead hand line gives this kit a leg up over the ClassicLine, as beginners have an easier time walking for the first time if they can hold onto something. This line does not have many applications beyond walking and static poses, but the hand line also helps you start with dynamic movements.


Like most other 2-inch lines on the market, if used and cared for properly, this line will last for years. The manufacturer states that they have integrated protective measures in their webbing weave to ensure extra durability, but in the two months that we tested this line we didn't notice that it was any more durable when compared to similar lines like the Slackline Industries Base Line. Perhaps this feature will prove itself over a more extended period of time and use. The ratchet in this kit has a nice comfy handle, and while the action of the ratchet seems a little stiff, it performed its job without any trouble.

This durable 2-inch line will last for years if properly cared for.
This durable 2-inch line will last for years if properly cared for.
Photo: Libby Sauter


Any slackline set up with a ratchet has a slightly dramatic disassembly phase. Because the ratchet can get the line so tight, there is a lot of energy that needs to be released and your hands are always near the moving parts. When done carefully, the disassembly of this line, like all other ratchet lines, is safe and easy, but it does take some getting used to. If you dislike taking down ratchet lines, check out our Top Pick for Traditional Slacklining, the Balance Community Primitive Kit.

Setting up and taking down this line repeatedly did cause some...
Setting up and taking down this line repeatedly did cause some fraying on the edges. We saw similar wear on all the ratchet lines.
Photo: Libby Sauter


The best feature of this kit is the overhead hand line that coaxes even the most timid of folks onto the line. The webbing is stiff, which is good for beginners, but with enough bounce for those looking for some dynamic fun. Slackers also stated that they've taken extra care of the edges of the line to give it superior durability over similar lines. Again, this was not something we noticed during our testing phase, but perhaps over time the difference in fray-ability will be evident. This kit does come with a carrying case that was low quality and quickly fell apart.

Best Applications

Set this line up at any social outing with lots of beginners and it will be the hands down hit. The Slackers Classic Series Kit is intended as an introductory line for those starting out on their slackline journey and it does a great job at helping people learn how to walk, start doing static poses and even offers the ability to start with some dynamic tricks.

An overhead hand line helps slackers approach new challenges with...
An overhead hand line helps slackers approach new challenges with confidence.
Photo: Robbie Brown


This is a reasonably priced line for beginners. The materials are high quality and will last for season after season of fun.


With a relatively low price tag, a hand line to rig above you and the all-around dependability of a 2-inch slackline, the Slackers Classic Series Kit is a great, affordable choice if you are looking for a line to learn on.

Chris McNamara