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CAMP Nano 22 Quickdraw Review

CAMP Nano 23 Express Quickdraw
Price:   $17 List
Pros:  Lightest biner on the market.
Cons:  A little small, high friction.
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Manufacturer:   CAMP

Our Verdict

The CAMP Nano 22 used to be the lightest quickdraw made until Edelrid introduced the Nineteen G Set, which includes two of its 19-gram carabiners and a lightweight sling for a total weight of just 47 grams. The small size is best suited for alpine or traditional climbing but also makes a great biner for clipping small hangers or links on anchors. This biner is also available in a six pack and the CAMP Nano 22 carabiner is also sold individually.

The CAMP Nano 22 Quickdraw is not ideal for making clips on sport routes. When compared to the Metolius FS Mini, it is a little less expensive and a little easier to handle. For most applications, we would rather use a draw with a bigger biner that is a little heavier, like the Wild Country Astro Quickdraw, the Black Diamond Oz Quickdraw, or the CAMP Photon Wire Express Dyneema. That said, if you are obsessed on having the lightest gear, nothing beats the CAMP Nano 22.

New Update - September 2015
The Nano carabiner was updated for Spring 2015 and is now the Nano 22, 1 gram lighter than the previous version. The new quickdraw version with this carabiner is called the Nano 22 Express KS. Keep reading to find out more!

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Chris McNamara
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Last Updated:
June 6, 2014


The CAMP Nano 22 Express KS vs. The CAMP Nano 23 Quickdraw

The Nano 22 is an improved version of the Nano 23, as is the quickdraw. Improvements have been made to the biner and it now weighs one gram less and has the KaraStop Evo carabiner keeper for the rope end carabiner.

Check out a side-by-side comparison below, with the Nano 22 pictured on the left and the Nano 23 shown on the right.
CAMP Nano 22 Express KS
CAMP Nano 23 Express Quickdraw


The CAMP Nano 22 is one of the lightest quickdraws out there. Even though it is really small, the spine is pretty easy to grab (it is less slippery than the Metolius FS Mini Quickdraw). One minor like is the fact that the small size makes it ideal for clipping into tight-fitting chain links and tiny bolt hanger holes. As with all carabiners with the wiregate design, the gate is less likely to get frozen shut on alpine routes.


Because this carabiner is so small, it is not the easiest to handle, especially when wearing gloves. The CAMP Nano 22 is also not that smooth for the rope to run through (there is more friction when leading). It does not hold many knots or gear. As with all biners with the wiregate design, the notch gets caught up on the bolt hanger when cleaning steep routes.

Best Application

Alpine, big wall or traditional climbing where weight and size are of the highest concern. Not the best for sport climbing since it is too small to easily clip.


If you are a mega lightweight enthusiast, the CAMP Nano 22 is as good as it gets. That said, the CAMP Photon Wire Express is the same price and is just over .4 ounces heavier. The bonus here is the that the Photon Wire Express has full-sized carabiners that are significantly easier to use than those on the Nano, making them much more versatile.

Other Versions

CAMP Nano 22 Express KS Quickdraw
CAMP Nano 22 Express KS
  • Cost - $18
  • The awesomely redesigned version of these carabiners and quickdraws
  • Ultra-light yet highly functional carabiners
  • 22g per biner with excellent size and clipability
  • Ideal for multi-pitch traditional or sport climbing

CAMP Photon Wire Express Dyneema
  • Cost - $17
  • Full sized, 29g Photon biners
  • A great option for multi-pitch sport routes and winter climbing
  • Large yet lightweight biners

CAMP Photon Express KS Quickdraw
CAMP Photon Express KS
  • Cost - $24
  • Super lightweight yet very durable
  • Available with wire gate or solid gate options
  • Excellent work horse quickdraws that won't weigh you down
Chris McNamara

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