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Black Diamond Momentum DS Package Review

Black Diamond Momentum DS Package
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Price:  $115 List | $114.94 at Amazon
Pros:  Speed adjust buckles, Editors' Choice belay device.
Cons:  No chalk bag or chalk; we prefer the cheaper Momentum harness.
Manufacturer:   Black Diamond
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Mar 29, 2011
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Our Verdict

Since we tested this package, Black Diamond has updated it to include a chalk bag and BD's White Gold chalk. It now retails for $115.

This package comes with with a solid harness and our favorite belay device. It does not come with a chalk bag or chalk like most other packages. The advantage of the Momentum DS over the other three Momentum harnesses is it has two speed-adjust buckles on the waist. This lets the harness quickly fit a variety of people. However, we prefer the regular Momentum harness, which is lighter, simpler, and costs $30 less. Or, if you want buckles on the legs, the Momentum AL is $25 less. We would steer most people who love the Momentum series to the Momentum AL Package, which is the same price but comes with a chalk bag and chalk. If you really want the self-locking buckles and two buckles on the waist, we would get the Petzl Corax Kit. It is $20 more expensive but comes with a chalk bag and a higher scoring harness. All that said, we really recommend the Black Diamond/Wild Country Package. It costs $20 less than the DS Package, comes with a chalk bag and chalk, and a better carabiner.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Black Diamond Momentum DS ($75) - A high-scoring climbing harness.
Black Diamond ATC XP ($24) - Our Editors' Choice pick for belay device.

Quicksilver Screw ($8) - Solid but not exceptional locking carabiner.

All the items bought separately costs $107, so this package saves you about seven percent.

This is the only climbing package we reviewed that does not come with a chalk bag or chalk.

Chris McNamara