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Black Diamond Momentum AL Package Review

Black Diamond Momentum AL
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Price:  $99 List
Pros:  All the gear it comes with is solid and should last a long time.
Cons:  We wish there was a package with the regular Momentum harness and the ATC XP.
Manufacturer:   Black Diamond
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Apr 15, 2010
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Our Verdict

The Momentum Al Package has been Discontinued

Black Diamond has stopped selling this harness package and has replaced it with the Black Diamond Momentum SA Package.

This is the most popular climbing packages out there. All the items are solid and high scoring in our tests. That said, we wish it came with just the standard Black Diamond Momentum harness because we like that version without buckles on the legs. Also, it would be nice if this package came with the Black Diamond ATC XP because that device is better with skinny ropes and performed a little better than the regular ATC. It is because of this we created the Black Diamond/Wild Country Package. This package comes with the regular Momentum and the VC Pro belay device. This belay device scored almost as high as the ATC XP. Our package is $20 less than the Momentum AL Package.

Overall, considering you can usually get this package for a discount, it is one of the best deals going for a package you don't have to asemble yourself. The only thing left is to pick up a pair of climbing shoes and you are good to go at the climbing gym.

Our Analysis and Test Results

What Comes in The Package

Black Diamond Momentum AL ($50) — One of the best values in a climbing harness.
Black Diamond ATC ($17) — Maybe the best selling belay devices of all time. Solid and smooth but not quite as high scoring as the ATC XP.
Black Diamond Chalk Bag — ($19) Standard climbing chalk bag. Solid. Tommy Caldwell climbed .14 on El Capitan with it so it must get the job done.
Black Diamond Rocklock ($10) — Solid, compact, and relatively light belay biner. Winner of our Best Buy award.

Black Diamond White Gold Chalk Shot($) — One of the few "designed for climbing" chalks that won our climbing chalk Editors' Choice award.

Cost of stuff if bought separately: $100. So you don't save anything by buying this package. However, this is the most popular climbing package out there. Most retailers carry it. So you can usually find it on sale for $90 or less.

Other Versions

The Black Diamond Momentum DS Package ($100) comes with speed adjust buckles everywhere but no chalk bag or chalk. The Black Diamond Primrose Package ($100) is the women's version of this package.

Chris McNamara