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Metolius Project Review

This model offers functionality and mount-anywhere dimensions at an approachable price point
metolius project hangboard review
Credit: Metolius
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Price:  $80 List
Manufacturer:   Metolius
By Ian Nicholson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Apr 7, 2020

Our Verdict

The Metolius Project is among the most compact and value-oriented hangboards currently on the market. It's great for tight spaces—we found it particularly good for folks who don't have a lot of space, due to its smaller-than-average dimensions. Its low cost and small size do mean it has fewer edges and pockets than many others, and the placement of its edges forces your arms to be a bit too close together for ergonomic comfort on some of the grips. This board is best for many climbers in the 5.10 range to low-to-mid 5.12 range and not ready to commit to the higher-end (and higher-priced) products but still want a legitimate, quality product.
Very compact dimensions
Nice pocket depths
Fewer grip options than most
Some of the most-used edge depths are located in the center of the board
Not great for stronger climbers

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Project is among the most compact and lowest priced hangboard we tested and while it does offer some good performance, you do get what you pay for. Its small dimensions limit the number of grip options and those that it does have to tend to be on the bigger end and not as good for medium-to-higher end users. If you're getting into hangboarding for the first time and are not ready to commit to a bigger, more expensive board, this is our top recommendation.

Performance Comparison

metolius project hangboard review - rock bottom pricing on a board that will fit nearly anywhere -...
Rock bottom pricing on a board that will fit nearly anywhere - though its hold selection is less ideal for serious users.
Credit: Ian Nicholson

Edges and Pockets

Edges and pockets are the foundation of any good hangboard and a lack of diversity of both on this model is what is holding it back from being a great board. This model has an okay collection of edges and pockets that are geared for more beginner to moderate-grade climbers. It will work 5.11+ climbers, although it's not our first recommendation for climbers at this level.

metolius project hangboard review - this board is one of the smallest models we tested though it still...
This board is one of the smallest models we tested though it still offers a decent number of holds despite its compact design.
Credit: Ian Nicholson


The Project has two primary edges located in the center of the board: a 0.75-inch edge above a 0.5-inch edge. There is also a pair of 1.25-inch four-finger edge/pockets on either side that we think are great for warming up. Where this board lets us down is in the location of the two main edges - in the center. While even a person with very large hands can easily get both of their mitts on this center edge, its location in the center of the board lends itself to poorer ergonomics. With your hands so much closer together, this puts additional strain on your shoulders and elbows and forces you to practice poor form. Additionally, we also wish there was one more full-sized edge between 0.25 and 0.5 inches to really round out the practicing options.

metolius project hangboard review - this board has two 3-finger pockets (1.5" and 0.75") and two...
This board has two 3-finger pockets (1.5" and 0.75") and two 2-finger pockets (1.5" and 0.875"). These depths build on one another nicely and provide a nice overall progression that will work for most 5.10 to low/mid 5.12 climbers.
Credit: Ian Nicholson


This model has four additional pockets to go along with its three primary edges. It has two 3-finger pockets that are 1.5 and 0.75 inches and two 2-finger pockets that are 1.5 and 0.875 inches deep. Both the depths of the three-finger and the two-finger pockets work well for a wide cross-section of users from first-time hangboard buyers to climbers in the low-to-mid 5.12 range.

metolius project hangboard review - the project sports two warm-up jugs, one pair of slopers and a nice...
The Project sports two warm-up jugs, one pair of slopers and a nice, central rounded sloper that's nicely shaped for working on one-armed lock-offs.
Credit: Ian Nicholson

Slopers and Jugs

Like most other non-wooden models, this product features two sets of slopers and one pair of jugs. We found the jugs perfect for warming up on or simply cranking out some pull-ups. The two slopers are also nice for warming up or building up that burn towards the end of your workout. Compared to the many other boards we tested, this model's slopers are fine for the things we have mentioned above but aren't really offering a big challenge for climbers pushing 5.12+.


Good texture refers to a balance of not being so slippery that your hand slides off the moment you start to get pumped but not so grippy that it tears your skin up or makes hanging on too much easier. Built with plain old polyester resin and finished with a moderately fine-grained texture the Project is on par with the rest of Metolius's other non-wood models which is above-average among all boards we tested. Its texture is slightly more skin-friendly than a few other similarly constructed models, but only marginally so.

metolius project hangboard review - this model is one of the easiest to mount.
This model is one of the easiest to mount.
Credit: Ian Nicholson

Ease of Mounting

This model is among the easiest to mount on the wall (aside from models that simply hang and require no mounting at all, of course). Its eight included screws secure it almost anywhere. This model has very compact dimensions, measuring out to be around 23.5 inches across and 6.25 inches tall. These relatively tight dimensions help it fit in above doorways with low 7 foot ceilings. Its smaller size also helps to keep it from being quite such an eyesore by dominating the room. If being able to fit your hangboard pretty much anywhere is a priority for you, this small model might be just your type.

metolius project hangboard review - if you have below-average height ceilings or are looking to mount...
If you have below-average height ceilings or are looking to mount your board in a basement, closet doorway, or other cramped space this model's tiny dimensions let it squeeze into places few other models can.
Credit: Ian Nicholson


As one of the least expensive hangboards on the market, this board does have a certain draw. Sure we like other boards better, but this board offers a decent enough selection of holds that for folks just getting into it or those willing to get a little creative with their fingerboard workouts. However, if you know you want a fingerboard and you've got the space to mount a larger option, we think that you'd be happier going with another board. But if you need to thread that needle of cost, space, while still squeezing in a workout, this option might be just the right fit. A lot of people looking at this board will also be looking at price-pointed Get Out! Doorway hangboard, as both are some of the most reasonably priced boards on the market. They share a lot of similarities and appear to be made of identical materials with an extremely similar texture. Between the two, we like the Project better, mostly because we like the progression of holds better. Also, while they are both similar widths, the Project is just enough shorter that it will fit above basement doorways or in homes with lower-than-average ceilings.

metolius project hangboard review - while you can certainly buy a nicer model for more money or one that...
While you can certainly buy a nicer model for more money or one that has a larger array of holds, it's pretty near impossible to find one for less money or that will fit in as many places as this one.
Credit: Ian Nicholson


The main reasons you buy this model are its price and its compact size. For folks willing to spend a little more money and have space, we usually recommend other models, as they offer more holds with more depth options which give the user more incremental options to increase strength. However, for folks not wanting to spend the money, the Metolius Project still provides many great workouts for an impressively low price.

Ian Nicholson

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