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Black Diamond Nylon Runner Review

Black Diamond Nylon Runner
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Price:  $9 List | $3.95 at REI
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Pros:  Affordable, Smooth Handling, Classic
Cons:  Bulky, Heavy
Manufacturer:   Black Diamond
By Robert Beno ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Aug 27, 2010
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Our Verdict

The Black Diamond Nylon Runner offers a great, versatile climbing sling option. These are extremely useful in a variety of applications, affordable, and more durable than some of the other nylon slings we tested. They are a great choice for everyday, traditional climbing applications.

They handle well, and it's easy to tie and untie knots even after weighting. Though they are significantly bulkier and heavier than Dynex slings, they are a far better value. If you are looking for a super lightweight, durable option, check out the Mammut Crocodile Sling the Black Diamond Dynex Runner.

Our Analysis and Test Results


The Black Diamond Nylon Sling was the most durable nylon slings that we tested, and ranked high on the durability scale when compared to all tested slings. When put to the test we observed significantly less fraying in these slings than the other nylon slings tested. This high durability ensures a long life for these slings.

Our testing also revealed that, due to their 18mm width, knots in these nylon slings were significantly easier to untie after weighting than in their Dynex counterparts, making nylon slings ideal for rigging anchors, or in any other application where a knotted sling might be needed.

Nylon also has a higher melting temperature than Dynex allowing nylon slings to serve perfectly as both a rappel backup and a friction knot for emergency rope ascension.


When compared to Black Diamonds Dynex slings, nylon sewn slings are far bulkier and consequently heavier. If you are focusing on speed ascents, any route with a long approach, or hate having a bulky rack, you might consider Dynex slings.

We also found that the bulk of the sling made it slightly more difficult and cumbersome when working with the slings in an alpine quick-draw setup. The slings had a lot of friction on themselves and took some more effort to handle than thinner Dyneema or Dynex slings.

Best Applications

Black Diamonds nylon slings will best serve the recreational trad climber who needs their slings to do it all: extending gear placements, rigging anchors, backing up rappels, and slinging chocks and chickenheads are all practical applications.

Robert Beno