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Glamore Creative Cars Reverse Review

This is an interesting twist on an old standard with an inverted canopy to minimize dripping
Glamore Creative Cars Reverse
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Price:  $23 List
Pros:  Unique, durable, good rain coverage
Cons:  Large, awkward to store inverted canopy
Manufacturer:   Glamore
By Lyra Pierotti ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 28, 2017
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  • Rain Protection - 30% 9
  • Ease of Transport - 30% 3
  • Durability - 20% 6
  • Ease of Use - 15% 4
  • Style - 5% 4

Our Verdict

It's a mouthful of a name - the Glamore Creative Cars Reverse - but an interesting and unique design that fascinated some of our testers, and offended none. The inverted canopy allowed us to shake off water and slide indoors with minimal drips, as intended. But we're not sure it is revolutionary enough to justify the large size and heavier weight. Overall, however, this is a very well made umbrella, earning some style points for its novelty and the unique circular handle that can slide over your wrist like a bracelet, providing some hands-free functionality.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Glamore Creative is a fun and funky umbrella with a novel design that is entertaining and useful, if not revolutionary.

Performance Comparison

The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella.
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

Rain Protection

The Glamore is among the larger products in this review, and as such performed well above average in the OGL Rain Test. This model, in fact, was only beat for rain coverage by the totes Auto Open Wooden. In our test, raindrops struck us at mid forearm and lower thigh. Very good coverage.

The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella has a large canopy size and good...
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella has a large canopy size and good rain coverage.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

Additionally, this umbrella's inverted design puts the wet canopy material on the inside when it is collapsed, an added benefit when we consider that you want to stay dry, so it sucks when water pools up in the folds of a collapsed umbrella, only to drench your mail when you toss it on the passenger seat.

The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella's canopy closes upward, opposite...
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella's canopy closes upward, opposite most standard umbrellas, to keep drips outside as you retreat indoors.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

You can also stand the Glamore up like a tripod on its tips when it is collapsed, which props the canopy up like a teepee and allows water to drain on your front porch instead of collecting in folds--no stand needed.

The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella dripping dry on the front porch.
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella dripping dry on the front porch.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

Ease of Transport

The Glamore has a handy circular handle that can be slid around the wrist like a bracelet, allowing your hands to be free, if not your whole arm. This is one of the larger products in the review, so it is nice to have a clever handle design to add to the ease of transport. Otherwise, this would just be bulky, heavy, and cumbersome.

A side-by-side view of the products in this review, complete with a...
A side-by-side view of the products in this review, complete with a standard yardstick for reference. Compact umbrellas are on the left. From top left, reading like a book: Lewis N Clark, EEZ-Y, Sea to Summit, Blunt, Senz, and Gustbuster; fixed shaft on the right: Helinox, Swing Trek, Glamore, totes
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

But this is where Glamore starts to miss the mark in our performance categories. Due to the inverted closing method, the tips end up at top, making it hard to slide back into sleeve because those pokey bits catch on the sleeve, and it makes the top of the umbrella bulkiest. For this reason, we appreciated the traditional design of the totes Auto Open Wooden.

The tips can be hard to get back into the sleeve because of the...
The tips can be hard to get back into the sleeve because of the reversed design, which puts the tips on the top of the closed umbrella.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti


The Glamore gets above average marks for durability. The solid shaft design is naturally much more durable, and the runner is smooth to operate. There is no noticeable tension in the umbrella, and it opens and closes with ease, telling us there is no unnecessary strain on any of the moving parts. The opening and closing mechanism reminded us of the two top scoring contenders in this review, the Swing Trek LiteFlex Hiking and the Helinox Trekking.

The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella has an inner canopy to facilitate...
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella has an inner canopy to facilitate the inverted closing method.
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

In our OGL Wind Test, the Glamore became unmanageable at 30mph because of the large canopy size and the forces generated, but it looked strong. It inverted easily at 15mph. Not a poor performance, but nothing to knock (or blow?) our socks off, either.

Ease of Use

The Glamore is smooth to deploy and collapse. It has a button, but it is only to lock and unlock the umbrella in the open or closed position. Otherwise, it must be manually opened or collapsed. We definitely appreciated the creative design and the concept of the Glamore. The inverted closure keeps water drops inside when collapsing into the car or house. But when we stopped to think about it, and tested it next to traditional collapsible and fixed length umbrellas, we realized that telescoping models do a similar thing because of how they fold up on themselves--They tuck 2/3 of the canopy in the middle of the bundle, so only 1/3 of the canopy is exposed to whatever surface you set the wet umbrella down on. Not quite as dry, but it does minimize the amount of drippage. In the end, we decided this was not as revolutionary as it sounded

The C-shaped handle is almost "hands free!"
The C-shaped handle is almost "hands free!"
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

The storage sleeve was hard to use with the canopy tips on top, too, because there were a bunch of pokey bits to catch up on the sleeve as we tried to slide it in. This made it harder to stow. If you want a fixed shaft umbrella with a sleeve that functions well, try the Swing Trek LiteFlex with its integrated shoulder sling. A more compact model that is easier to integrate into daily life, due to its smaller and more packable size, is the Lewis N Clark Umbrella.


The Glamore has a nice inner canopy with lacey detail, which is exposed when the umbrella is collapsed because of the reversed/inverted closing method. The inner/outer canopy design is offered in different colors and designs. And the circular handle is unique. Overall, this is an interesting design that is distinct and unique, and will definitely catch a few inquisitive eyes. If you like your umbrellas to be more elegant, you might also appreciate the totes Auto Open Wooden umbrella. But if you want to try something really wacky, check out the Blunt Metro with its scalloped edges.

Best Applications

This is an umbrella for anyone who thinks the inverted feature is fun, funky, useful, or just plain wacky. We enjoyed this product, overall, even though it did not score as highly. If novelty is a plus for you, this is an umbrella that will make you smile, and that is a good thing when the rain just doesn't seem to stop…


The prices vary broadly on this product, in part due to all the different color and design options. But overall, it is an affordable umbrella with pleasing features, so if it sounds intriguing, you won't be disappointed at the cost.


The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella
The Creative Cars Reverse umbrella
Photo: Lyra Pierotti

This umbrella is definitely creative! The novel, inverted canopy design works relatively well, but we found it to be a bit cumbersome. As a novelty, it is fun and entertaining, but if you're looking for a light, streamlined, easy to use umbrella, this is not the one. It is not exceedingly difficult to use, and it is plenty durable, it just falls behind some relatively stout competition.

Lyra Pierotti