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Hammock Gear Burrow 40 Review

Hammock Gear Burrow 40
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Price:  $219 List
Pros:  Inexpensive summer quilt, versatile, great for hammock hangers, many size and warmth options
Cons:  Snap close footbox not as warm as zippered, pad attachment kit sold separately
Manufacturer:   Hammock Gear
By Brandon Lampley ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 1, 2015
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  • Warmth - 35% 5
  • Weight - 30% 10
  • Versatility - 15% 7
  • Comfort - 10% 7
  • Features - 10% 5

Our Verdict

If you're looking for an affordable fully-opening quilt for summertime use, the Hammock Gear Burrow 40 is a great choice. Hammock Gear produces a full line of top and bottom quilts for hammock hangers, and the Burrow 40 top quilt is a great ultralight sleeping bag for ground dwellers too. For use on the ground, snap the footbox closed and purchase the pad attachment kit to mate it up with your sleeping pad. This summer weight quilt is the second lightest product we tested in this year's ultralight sleeping bag review.

If a fully opening quilt is what you seek, we prefer the Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20, which won our Best Buy Award. We tested the 20 degree model of the Revelation, which is more appropriate for three-season use in part because it has a zipper to close the footbox rather than snaps (like the burrow). The other fully opening quilt we tested, the Feathered Friends Flicker 40 UL, zips completely closed to function as a mummy bag.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Hammock Gear Burrow 40 scored right in the middle of the ultralight bags we tested in this review. It is the lightest quilt we tested and earned better than average scores in both comfort and versatility. This summer weight quilt is the least warm product we tested and uses the least amount of down for insulation. Warmer versions with more insulation are available.

How to Get It:

Hammock Gear products are custom made in Ohio and are not available from retail outlets.

Get it online at:

Performance Comparison

Airing out after chilly night in the Burrow 40. This model is great...
Airing out after chilly night in the Burrow 40. This model is great for summer nights, but we'd recommend a warmer version with more down insulation for most three-season backpacking.
Photo: Brandon Lampley


The Hammock Gear Burrow 40 is the least warm ultralight sleeping bag of the 10 we tested this year, and that's not surprising — it uses the least amount of down for insulation. That said, we did not find it as warm as the two models with similar nominal temperature ratings. The Feathered Friends Flicker uses an ounce and a half more down for the same claimed rating, and is much warmer. And, to get the most warmth from a quilt when you close up the footbox, we prefer a zipper to snaps. The award winning Revelation 20 uses a zipper to close the footbox. On the Burrow, you can choose either snaps or a sewn closed footbox.

The Big Agnes Pitchpine UL 45, which won a Top Pick for Summer Use, is our favorite ultralight bag with a similar warmth rating.

Weight & Packed Size

Weighing in at 14.8 ounces on our digital scale, this was the second lightest model we tested this year. Only the Feathered Friends Vireo, a half bag, was lighter. The included stuff sack is also light (.4 ounces) and we measured it at 6 x 10 inches when stuffed. The Katabatic Gear Palisade 30 and ZPacks Classic are several ounces heavier, but have much better warmth-to-weight ratios.

At 14.8 ounces, this was the second lightest ultralight sleeping bag...
At 14.8 ounces, this was the second lightest ultralight sleeping bag we tested, but also the least warm. The packed size is also one of the smallest.
Photo: Brandon Lampley


Versatility is where fully-opening quilts really shine and the Burrow earned a good score here. We feel the design is less versatile than the Enlightened Equipment Revelation in adapting to cold temperatures, but overall the Burrow offers great adaptability. Use it as a top quilt in your hammock, or snap the footbox closed and snugly attach it to your pad for ground dwelling in temperatures near its rating, or open it up completely for hot summer nights.


Again, this model earned a comfort score right in the middle of the pack. The adjustable girth above the footbox lets you create the amount of space you want inside. Snug for warmth, more comfortable roominess in warmer temperatures, or draped over you blanket style when it's hot. The pad attachment kit sold by Hammock Gear is basic though, and the Revelation and closed footbox Katabatic Gear Palisade both have more functional and adjustable pad attachment systems.

All set up to catch an afternoon nap after an early start. The fully...
All set up to catch an afternoon nap after an early start. The fully opening Burrow (left) is much more versatile and comfortable than a traditional mummy bag like the MTN speed on the right.
Photo: Brandon Lampley


This fully-opening quilt has no zipper, and instead has a series of five snaps that closes the footbox to 20" up the bag (the same height as the zipper of the Revelation). A series of three rings sewn into the side of the quilt gives you the ability to mate with a pad using an optional pad attachment system that is sold separately.

Another snap closes up the neck of the quilt. At the foot, a non-stretchy small cord with a free-floating cord lock lets you cinch the foot opening up tightly. It passes through a non-insulated sleeve right at the edge. At the neck, a bungee cord with a free-floating cord lock right at the chin lets you cinch it up tight.

This quilt features continuous horizontal baffles. It has two ripstop shell fabric weights and many color options. Finally, the Burrow has wide grosgrain webbing sewn into short loops at all four corners (beside the foot and neck closing snaps) that create great hang loops.

Best Applications

The Hammock Gear Burrow is an excellent top quilt for hammock campers. The 40 degree model we tested is best suited to warm or hot summer nights. With the pad attachment kit available from the manufacturer, it also works for ground dwellers.


At $219, the Burrow is the cheapest ultralight sleeping bag we reviewed this year. Warmer versions are also very affordable. If a very lightweight quilt at a minimum price is your focus, this is a great choice. That said, we feel the Enlightened Equipment Revelation is a better value. We find its pad attachment system, closures, and down baffling system higher performing.


The Burrow 40 is a great choice if you seek the most affordable, summer weight, fully-opening quilt. Designed for hammock campers, a simple pad attachment system (sold separately) adapts it to ground dweller use.

Testing the Hammock Gear Burrow (purple) side-by-side with the...
Testing the Hammock Gear Burrow (purple) side-by-side with the Zpacks hoodless mummy (green). Fully opening quilts like the Burrow are much more versatile for both ground dwellers and hammock campers.
Photo: Brandon Lampley

Other Versions and Accessories

  • Also available in three lengths and two widths
  • Available in 0, 20, 50 degree models

Hammock Gear Pad Attachment Kit
  • Cost - $5
  • Connects your sleeping pad to the bag
  • A great deal

Brandon Lampley