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Native Eyewear Wells Review

Light and comfortable for your face and eyes, and easier on your wallet
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Price:  $99 List | $79.00 at Amazon
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Pros:  Lightweight, comfortable, stay put very well, look good on many faces, good case
Cons:  Not overly stylish, runs small, temple grips could be cleaner cut
Manufacturer:   Native Eyewear
By Maggie Brandenburg ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 28, 2020
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  • Lens Quality - 30% 8
  • Comfort - 25% 8
  • Frame Quality - 20% 6
  • Style and Versatility - 15% 5
  • Coverage - 10% 6

Our Verdict

The Native Eyewear Wells are a lightweight, comfortable pair of shades that offer excellent quality materials and performance for a lot less than many shades of similar-quality competition. These well-balanced frames feature rubber grips at the nose and temples that actually do a great job holding them in place, even during a sweaty hike or bike ride. Their polycarbonate lenses are protective and provide good clarity as well as impact-resistance and hydrophobic properties. They're easy to clean, easy to bring with, and easier on the wallet.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

We tested the Native Wells with Crystal Grey lenses. They're designed for everyday use and athleisure endeavors like hiking, biking, and even running. They run a bit smaller than their "Large" size had us believing and are more like a medium fit. They come with a zippered, semi-rigid shell case and a microfiber bag/cleaning cloth, and can also be fitted with prescription lenses.

Performance Comparison

We found a lot to love about the performance -- and the price -- of the Native Wells.
We found a lot to love about the performance -- and the price -- of the Native Wells.

Lens Quality

Looking at the manufacturer specs on these specs, the Wells offer some high-quality protection. Beyond the fairly standard polarization and 100% UV protection, Native claims to have packed 90% HEV or blue light blockage and 40% infrared blockage into these lenses - some of the boldest claims on the market. They also reportedly have a 12% Visible Light Transmission (VLT), making them good every day, category 3 glasses. The polycarbonate lenses are naturally impact-resistant and have been treated with both anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings for additional protection.

Crystal Grey Lenses
  • Polarized
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 12% Visible Light Transmission (Category 3)
  • 90% HEV/Blue Light Blockage, 40% Infrared Blockage
  • Color: Crystal Grey, Material: plastic polycarbonate
  • Impact Resistant, Anti-scratch, Hydrophobic

While polycarbonate lenses have a reputation for lower clarity (compared to glass lenses), we did not find this to be the case with the Wells Crystal Grey lenses. Because they're grey and not a color-enhancing shade like amber or brown, they don't enhance the contrast of what you see through them. However, these sunnies are also available with amber lenses, which we've tested in other pairs of Native glasses, and do increase visual contrast.

Wearing these glasses on mountaintops over 10K feet, hiking at midday, and driving extended road trips proved that they can handle a pretty wide range of lighting conditions and remain comfortable even after hours of wear. They're a great middle-ground option that we think are just as comfortable at high noon as they are at dusk. And despite cramming them in suitcases, dropping them in gravel and on pavement, and using various shirttails to clean them, they never scratched during our testing.

The polycarbonate Crystal Grey lenses provide good clarity and solid performance across a range of lighting conditions.
The polycarbonate Crystal Grey lenses provide good clarity and solid performance across a range of lighting conditions.


Weighing just 26 grams, the Wells joins the growing number of lightweight sunglasses in this review. Their balance point is right where we want it to be — at the hinges, helping to keep them securely in place while you wear them. Rubber nose pads are embedded into the frames and actually keep their grip while you sweat, stopping them from sliding down your face uncomfortably. Additional rubber grips at the backs of the bows are crisscrossed with grooves to keep them solidly attached behind the ears without snagging your hair. On some of our smaller-faced testers, the Wells graze the tops of our cheeks slightly, but not in a way that we feel is uncomfortable or terribly distracting, and mostly only when smiling.

Like most sunglasses, the Wells will touch your eyebrows when worn close to your face. We wish these narrower-than-expected glasses had flexible hinges, but they only have standard barrel hinges that don't allow for overextension. However, the frames do allow a small amount of movement. And despite our fears that the bows might be too tight and dig in over hours of wear, we didn't actually experience this even during all-day usage. In general, we're pretty impressed with these comfortable, lightweight shades and find them quite pleasant to wear and easy to forget they're even on.

No matter how long we wore these shades  they stayed comfortable.
No matter how long we wore these shades, they stayed comfortable.

Frame Quality

With acetate frames and rubber grip pads, the Wells don't stand out much from the crowd for their frames. We read conflicting reports about the exact nature of these frames, but they performed adequately in all our testing. They're slightly flexible, helping them to more easily withstand rough usage. The pair we received had perfectly placed nose pads with no edges sticking up or anything that might indicate future issues. Native claims these frames are made to withstand both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures, and they back up all their glasses with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects (note that this does not include coverage for wear and tear).

Upon further inspection, we discovered that the temple pads on our pair aren't quite of the same caliber as the nose pads. Ours have some rougher edges that we worry may be their downfall when up against years of usage, rather than the meer weeks we subjected ours to. We also read a single report online of the rubber nose pads falling out of someone's pair of Wells. That being said, we had absolutely no issues with the durability of our frames during the testing process, despite subjecting them to fairly rough treatment.

Rubber pads  crisscrossed with grooves  adorn the bows of the Wells. Their rougher edges are one of our few concerns about the construction of these glasses.
Rubber pads, crisscrossed with grooves, adorn the bows of the Wells. Their rougher edges are one of our few concerns about the construction of these glasses.

Style and Versatility

While we're not about to hand out any awards for the aesthetic appeal of the Wells, we also don't hate them. They strike a pretty good balance of functionality and style, with a fairly standard "guy/gal wearing sunglasses" look.

To their credit, none of our testers who tried them disliked them — and we asked a good range of men and women with rather variable face shapes and sizes. They're somewhere in between athletic and fashion and seem to work well wherever we wore them, from having brunch al fresco to biking home afterwards.

All the testers who wore the Wells think they look "just fine" for pretty much any activity.
All the testers who wore the Wells think they look "just fine" for pretty much any activity.


Here again, the Wells are about average among models we tested. Though we couldn't find it listed, they seem to be made with a base curve of 6, which is slightly rounded but mostly flat — definitely not wraparound. The 43mm tall, 55mm wide lenses are about average among contenders as well and fairly narrow bows that don't add much when it comes to blocking sunlight. They offer decent coverage and protection from the sun, but don't stop light from entering in from the side or over the top, if you like to wear your shades lower on your nose. While Native advertises these glasses are a size Large, compared to the rest of this line-up, we estimate them to be more of a Medium, bordering on almost Large.

However, where the Wells shine is in their ability to stay put on your face. Their combination of snug fit, excellent CUSHINOLâ„¢ rubber nose and bow pads, and low weight is the Goldilocks of staying in place. This makes them an excellent choice for a crossover pair of sunnies that can keep up with you from backpacking to rock concerts, practically melting into your face (in a good way) with their secure coverage.

From short hikes to sweaty yardwork  the Wells hold fast to our faces.
From short hikes to sweaty yardwork, the Wells hold fast to our faces.

Case Quality

Native, like many other modern sunglasses manufacturers, sends two cases with every pair of shades they ship, including the Wells. Their semi-rigid, zippered clamshell is one of our favorites for its trifecta of low weight, durable protection, and ease of use. The microfiber drawstring bag helps to shed ounces when you really can't afford those extra 72 grams and does an excellent job keeping lenses clean no matter how many times you smudge them with dirty fingers.

Though the case doesn't count in the overall score  we like both cases that Native sends with these shades.
Though the case doesn't count in the overall score, we like both cases that Native sends with these shades.


The high level of performance we found in the Native Wells can be found in many popular sunglasses today, but for a much higher cost. These shades bring serious game to an expensive market for far less than much of the competition - in some cases, about a third of the price. We've tested several styles of Native glasses and consistently find them to be high-value items and well worth their investment.


The Wells bring a lot to the table, even in a market with increasingly high standards. They're lightweight, comfortable, clear, and stay put exceptionally well. Across every metric, we're impressed with the performance of these high-value shades.

From mountain tops to road trips  the Wells bring high-quality performance to a lower-budget price.
From mountain tops to road trips, the Wells bring high-quality performance to a lower-budget price.

Maggie Brandenburg