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Arnette Corner Man Review

Good coverage option for low light situations but not overall impressive among the competition
Arnette Corner Man
Credit: Amazon
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Price:  $104 List | $73.73 at Amazon
Pros:  Great coverage, decent case, good for lower light conditions
Cons:  Tight it, front heavy, several lens defects
Manufacturer:   Arnette
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 13, 2020
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  • Lens Quality - 30% 4.0
  • Comfort - 25% 4.0
  • Frame Quality - 20% 5.0
  • Style and Versatility - 15% 5.0
  • Coverage - 10% 8.0

Our Verdict

The Arnette Corner Man sunglasses are a polarized wraparound model that works well in lower light conditions like dawn and dusk. They're fairly lightweight and provide good coverage while staying put. They also come with a pretty useful case and cleaner bag for one low price. However, they're quite tight behind the ears and even press into some people's wider temples. They're also more front-heavy than we'd prefer and lack grippy nose pads. Our pair also came with some minor lens distortion and a deeply flawed polarization layer that both detract from the efficiency of these low-budget shades.

Our Analysis and Test Results

We tested the Corner Mans with Dark Brown Polarized lenses for everyday use. They're a medium fit and come with a semi-rigid zippered case and cleaning bag and can be purchased with prescription lenses.

Performance Comparison

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - their coverage is great but their lenses are less than impressive.
Their coverage is great but their lenses are less than impressive.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Lens Quality

There's not a lot of information offered about the Dark Brown Polarized lenses we tested from Arnette. They do offer 100% UV protection (as does just about every drug store pair out there) and are polarized polycarbonate (plastic) lenses that are naturally impact resistant. They're finished with an anti-scratch coating that didn't seem to work during our testing, as we easily picked up several tiny scratches in the middle of the lenses. They also aren't rated to block any blue light or infrared light, but the brown coloration increased contrast in the visible spectrum.

Dark Brown Polarized Lenses
  • Polarized
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 8-18% (estimate 12%) Visible Light Transmission (Category 3)
  • 0% HEV/Blue Light Blockage, 0% Infrared Blockage
  • Color: Brown, Material: Polycarbonate
  • Impact Resistant, Anti-scratch

The Corner Mans are listed as having 8-18% visible light transmission, making them typical everyday sunglasses. By comparing them to numerous other models we tested, we estimate they're around 12%. This makes them a bit too light for most people's preference in very bright conditions (like a cloudless summer day on the water), but a great option for lower light conditions such as overcast, patchy clouds, and that awkwardly-bright/not bright golden hour as the sun rises and sets.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - as viewed through another pair of polarized lenses (in this case...
As viewed through another pair of polarized lenses (in this case held up to the camera lens), you can see the intense inconsistencies in the polarization of the Corner Man glasses we tested.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

However, we found some rather unfortunate flaws in the lenses of the pair we tested. While many polycarbonate lenses often have small inconsistencies in the polarization layer, the Corner Man's were much more pronounced. Other models we tested with smaller flaws in this layer can only be seen against the light through another pair of polarized lenses. Our pair of the Corner Man sunglasses proved to be so flawed you can actually see the inconsistencies in the polarized layer with the naked eye. They also proved to have several small distortions in the lenses that cause a slightly warped view as you move your head. Though none of these irregularities are extremely obvious if you're not looking closely for them, it didn't take us much inspection to notice them and we read numerous online reports from other users having similar issues with their lenses.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - these lenses are a bit light to provide the protection we're looking...
These lenses are a bit light to provide the protection we're looking for out on the water.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The Corner Mans have a more specific fit that isn't as universally comfortable as most other models we tested. Their curved shape, smaller size, and tight bows have a tendency to dig in uncomfortably on some testers' heads. Our narrowest-faced tester found them to be uncomfortable after less than an hour, as they squeeze tightly behind her ears and nowhere else. Our testers with wider faces don't like wearing the Corner Mans, as they touch their temples. One medium-faced tester didn't mind wearing these glasses and enjoys their shape and fit.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - this narrow-faced tester is uncomfortable with the amount of squeeze...
This narrow-faced tester is uncomfortable with the amount of squeeze the bows produce after about an hour of wearing them.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

These glasses are fairly lightweight, at just 32 grams, but still manage to be rather front heavy. Their more curved shape also touches the eyebrows of most our testers. And while most other sunglasses with this tight of wrap and fit are outfitted with flex hinges to make them more comfortable, the Corner Mans are not. All in all, it's difficult to say how comfortable these glasses would be on your face, as they seem to have a more specific, rather than universal comfort that may or may not work for your exact face and head.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - some testers found these narrow frames touch their temples in a way...
Some testers found these narrow frames touch their temples in a way they don't like.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Frame Quality

Our pair of Corner Man glasses are the color "Fuzzy Dark Havana" and made entirely of nylon fiber. They have no extra nose pads or bow protection pieces attached and so nothing to potentially fall off later. They're a little bit flexible and pretty lightweight. They are backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty as well. Though we didn't experience any breakage during our testing, we are worried about the longevity of the standard barrel hinges on this frame that requires regular overextension. We feel that over time they may not last. And though we didn't have any other issues with the frames, we read numerous online testimonies from other users with different issues including color peeling off the frames and lenses popping out repeatedly.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - while we appreciate the simplicity of these nylon fiber frames, we...
While we appreciate the simplicity of these nylon fiber frames, we think the lack of a spring hinge on such narrow glasses has the potential to cause problems down the road.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Style and Versatility

These everyday glasses have a bit more of a "sporty" look than many others we tested. Their wraparound fit certainly adds to this, as does their more rounded oval shape. One tester put them on and was told she "looks like a lifeguard standing at the top of the water slide telling people when they can go". While they're not our first choice for style, they do offer some solid coverage and staying power that is much appreciated under certain circumstances.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - very few of our testers like the aesthetic of these glasses, though...
Very few of our testers like the aesthetic of these glasses, though their security makes them a better choice for when staying put matters.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


With a base curve of 8, the Corner Man sunglasses are a pretty face-hugging wraparound pair of shades. The 61mm wide lenses help increase your field of vision to avoid the feeling of having horse blinders on while you wear them. The bows are also narrow enough to not obstruct too much, and their tight fit helps them hold the glasses in place pretty well even if you need to quickly run after your escaped dog or wondering child. If you like good coverage and sunglasses that sit close to your face, these tick both those boxes.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - this wraparound style provides good coverage without making you feel...
This wraparound style provides good coverage without making you feel blinded by narrow lenses or thick bows.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Case Quality

Though it doesn't enter into our scoring, we like to make a note of what kind of case every pair of sunglasses we test comes with. The Corner Man glasses include both a semi-rigid zippered case and a soft cleaner bag. Both cases work well and are easy to use, which is more than we can say about numerous other models we tested.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - the semi-rigid zippered case and cleaner bag that come with the...
The semi-rigid zippered case and cleaner bag that come with the Corner Man glasses are both pleasant and easy to use.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The Arnettes are an okay pair of sunglasses and are often on sale for far below their retail value. They could be a decent value pair of sunglasses if you like their tight, specific fit and you can snag a pair that doesn't have the lens defects ours did. If you decide to take that gamble, we recommend being sure of the return/refund/exchange policy offered from wherever you end up purchasing them, just in case.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - at least one of our testers likes how these glasses fit and feel.
At least one of our testers likes how these glasses fit and feel.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


The Corner Man sunglasses are a snug wraparound pair of sunglasses. Despite being less expensive than many others we tested, we also found several flaws in our pair. They're a more sporty look and fit though, and if you can ensure the quality of the lenses before you commit to them, they just might be a solid everyday pair of shades.

Arnette Corner Man sunglasses - though they're not for everyone, these full-coverage glasses have...
Though they're not for everyone, these full-coverage glasses have potential if you can snag a pair without lens flaws.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Maggie Nichols

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