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BioLite SolarPanel 10+ Review

Its clever, durable design, and efficient charging abilities made it one of our favorites
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biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review
Credit: BioLite
Price:  $150 List
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Manufacturer:   BioLite
By Jane Jackson ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 11, 2019
  • Charging Speed - 30% 8.0
  • Charge Interruption Recovery - 20% 8.0
  • Multiple Device Charging Speed - 20% 0.0
  • Weight & Portability - 20% 7.0
  • Durability - 10% 9.0

Our Verdict

The BioLite 10+ surprised us with relatively high scores across the board. It took us a moment to get used to the fold-out design and kickstand, but once we did, it charged quickly and maintained a charge after an interruption (thanks to its integrated battery pack). The panel heats up a fair bit compared to some that have canvas covers, but this did not take away from the performance. For car camping, weekend trips, and even short overnights, we would recommend the BioLite panel, as it's portable, durable, and efficient. We especially liked the built-in battery pack, which delivered a constant charge in intermittent sunny conditions.
Smart design
Built in battery maintains charge through intermittent shade/sun
Heats up when left in sun for long periods
Product Updated
Since our test period, BioLite updated the SolarPanel 10+ with a new battery with a 3,200mAh capacity.

Our Analysis and Test Results

From rapidly charging phones and battery packs to recovering a charge after shading, the BioLite performs impressively across the board.

Performance Comparison

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - the biolite solarpanel 10+ is durable and well designed.
The BioLite SolarPanel 10+ is durable and well designed.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Charge Interruption Recovery

This solar panel has an integrated battery pack, which helps significantly in shady or partly cloudy conditions.

The 3,000mAh battery is sleek and simple — we actually didn't even notice it when we first received the panel. It continues to deliver a charge to your device when the panel becomes shaded, which helps recover a charge since it doesn't have to reestablish a connection to the device. We appreciate this feature, as it makes a huge difference when it comes to charge interruption recovery.

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - shown here is the 3,000mah battery pack and the single usb port for...
Shown here is the 3,000mAh battery pack and the single USB port for charging.
Credit: Jane Jackson

During our testing period, we allowed the BioLite to sit in full sun for 30 minutes with an external battery plugged into it. We then recorded the amount of charge it delivered to the battery pack, which was 8%. Over the next 30-minute period, we intermittently shaded the panel to simulate partly cloudy conditions. The battery pack had been charging up in the previous half hour, so it was able to deliver power to our external battery, and at a fairly reasonable rate. The level of charge dipped down to 6% during that half hour period, but this is still far better than panels without a built-in battery pack.

Charging Speed

The BioLite has an LED battery indicator that has four lights, which show how much charge the integrated battery has. We set the panel out in full sun at half full (two out of the four lights were illuminated), and after a half-hour, the battery was at ¾ full.

Another half hour meant that the panel was fully charged, meaning that it took our BioLite two full hours of sun to fully charge its battery. This is relatively decent considering it can maintain a charge to an external device the whole time the panel is in the sun. In terms of phone charging speed, the BioLite charged our Pixel 3 to 21% over the course of 30 minutes, when placed in full sun. This is impressive and puts the BioLite on the upper end of the spectrum for this metric.

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - the battery pack helped the biolite regulate charge and improved...
The battery pack helped the BioLite regulate charge and improved charging speed.
Credit: Jane Jackson

Multiple Device Charging Speed

The 10W BioLite panel has only one USB port, meaning that the panel is not able to charge more than one device at a time. This is fine, though, because typically, a panel of this size would not be able to successfully and simultaneously deliver charge to two devices.


The shining star of our testing period is certainly the BioLite. While some panels focused on rugged construction and durability seem to fall short in terms of overall performance and charging speed, the BioLite does not. This panel is built to last.

Upon first inspection, we noticed it's a robust panel, made to withstand the abuse that elements can throw at it. The cells are coated in a thick plastic protective layer that keeps off dirt and dust, and the USB port is protected by a silicone cap to keep dirt out. The weakest point on the panel is the kickstand, which consists of a piece of metal that sticks into a plastic sleeve. We saw no issues with the kickstand during our testing period.

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - a close-up of its construction.
A close-up of its construction.
Credit: Jane Jackson

The panel lacks a storage pocket, which is a downside in some ways but also makes it sleek and less prone to wear and tear since zippers and mesh are usually the first places to wear on most panels. Though this panel can heat up a fair bit when exposed to the sun for long periods, this was never an issue for us in terms of performance. The cells seem to be well made and able to resist the heat that occurs after long periods in the sun. These features make the BioLite our obvious choice for our Top Pick for Durable Performance.

Weight and Portability

The BioLite 10 lands in the middle of the pack in our metric comparisons. With a measured weight of 19.2 ounces, this panel is not as heavy as some but is not the lightest in the bunch. Its design impressed us; it's sleek and portable, with no extra bells or whistles, and feels like a clipboard or small notebook when slid into a backpack.

It is one of the thinnest panels we've reviewed, and the integrated battery is especially low profile. Though it doesn't have the lowest weight, we felt that this extra weight translated to added durability - a trade-off that we appreciate. For long ventures into the backcountry, an additional 19 ounces can feel like a lot, but the BioLite can slide easily into the back panel of a backpack, or into an external pocket, where its presence is hardly noticed.

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - folded up, the biolite is very sleek, especially for a panel with a...
Folded up, the BioLite is very sleek, especially for a panel with a built-in battery pack - we were impressed!
Credit: Jane Jackson


With a relatively high price tag, the BioLite 10 is a bit of an investment. For a fairly low capacity panel, it costs a pretty penny. That said, it is durable, reliable, and decently efficient, making it a good choice if you're willing to throw down for it. It should also be mentioned that BioLite has a warranty program if something happens to stop functioning on your panel. This is a bonus since many of the panels we reviewed are imported, meaning it can be reasonably challenging to contact the manufacturer and return faulty products. This is always something to be wary of when purchasing solar panels online - customer reviews are full of horror stories about ill-functioning panels and manufacturers who are impossible to contact.

biolite solarpanel 10+ solar charger review - shown above is the kickstand, which was not the most sturdy.
Shown above is the kickstand, which was not the most sturdy.
Credit: Jane Jackson


The BioLite 10+ is a durable, well-made panel that charges devices quickly and effectively. It especially shines when it comes to charge interruption recovery since it has a built-in 3,000mAh battery, which regulates the amount of charge delivered to the devices. This is a unique feature that many of the other panels in this review do not have. If you are willing to pay for it, the BioLite is a reliable and efficient panel.

Jane Jackson

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