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Gelindo Premium Pocket Review

Basic, serviceable multi tool at a rock bottom price
Gelindo Premium Pocket
Photo: Gelindo
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Price:  $40 List
Pros:  Rounded handles, spring-loaded pliers, good feature set.
Cons:  No locking tools, all tools require engaging the pliers for access.
Manufacturer:   Gelindo
By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 20, 2016
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  • Functions - 40% 7
  • Ergonomics - 20% 7
  • Portability - 15% 6
  • Construction Quality - 25% 6

Our Verdict

In testing many sophisticated multi-tools, the Gelindo Premium Pocket stands out for its simplicity and value. It is not the tool for the regular user, nor for anyone that will demand strong and reliable functionality. However, for occasional users or those prone to misplacing small devices, the Gelindo could be perfect. The set of tools is worthy and useful, and the replacement cost is very affordable. It isn't until one spends more than twice as much for something like our Best Buy winner, the Leatherman Wingman, that quality and usability combine to create a better tool.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Gelindo Premium Pocket multi tool is a widely available, inexpensive tool for light-duty carry, household use, and car access.

Performance Comparison

The smooth color and lines of the Gelindo tool, with the rigid nylon...
The smooth color and lines of the Gelindo tool, with the rigid nylon case included.
Photo: Jediah Porter


There is very little to note with the functions of the Gelindo tool. With pliers, a blade, a saw, can and bottle openers, and a few screw drivers, the selection of tools is basic but comprehensive. In a world where scissors are nearly standard, and scaling fish is extremely rare, we wish gelindo had replaced the fish scaler tool with scissors. However, this would likely considerably increase the price. For a price point product like the Premium Pocket, we can forgive the omission of scissors and inclusion of a largely useless fish scaler. We guess that you too will forgive this exclusion.
The tools of the Gelindo. Clockwise from lower left: main blade...
The tools of the Gelindo. Clockwise from lower left: main blade, bottle opener and medium straight driver, phillips driver, fish scaler, pliers, wood saw, small straight driver, can opener, file.
Photo: Jediah Porter


The Gelindo is a bulkier product than most of those in our test. Like the Gerber Suspension Multi-Pliers, the Galindo is broad and rounded in profile. The Best Buy Leatherman Wingman and svelte Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X, as well as all the other products in our test, are far more narrow in build. Our testers with very large hands actually appreciated the feel and leverage they got with both the Gelindo and Suspension tools. The bulkier design actually makes it more ergonomic for those folks. All others were ambivalent about the ergonomics of the bulkier package, and lamented the bulk in terms of portability.
The spring assisted nature of the Gelindo pliers is welcome and...
The spring assisted nature of the Gelindo pliers is welcome and useful in extended usage.
Photo: Jediah Porter


At first glance, the Gelindo seems like the bulkiest product in our test. Sure enough, when one adds together the length and thickness of all of our tested tools, only the very specialized and ultra burly SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool S66 is larger. In the case of the SOG tool, however, that extra size comes with professional level construction and carefully tailored tools. The Gelindo is large, but otherwise unremarkable. We do appreciate that the corners are all rounded for unobtrusive pocket carry and that the Gelindo ships with an included cordura, snap-closed, belt sheath. More options for carrying help the portability score. Of course, if you'll never carry it on your belt, the sheath means nothing to you.
The Gelindo Premium Pocket tool, in an average adult male hand for...
The Gelindo Premium Pocket tool, in an average adult male hand for size reference.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Construction Quality

While, in our day-to-day testing, we had no problems with the durability of the Gelindo, the general "feel" of the construction did not inspire confidence. For instance, on the numerous backcountry trips our testing team tackled, we only took the Gelindo on the most inconsequential. When we anticipated trip-threatening equipment failures, we brought along a burlier tool like the Editors Choice Leatherman Charge TTI for its rugged reliability. In household use, the primary blade of the Gelindo lost its keen edge far more rapidly than others in our test. All knives require maintenance and sharpening, but the Premium Pocket required that care more frequently.
The wood saw of the Premium Pocket tool in action. The tools are...
The wood saw of the Premium Pocket tool in action. The tools are simple, but largely functional.
Photo: Jediah Porter

Best Applications

The Galindo Premium Pocket multi-tool would be an excellent gift for a crafty adolescent who is ready for the independence and practicality of tool ownership, but not yet ready to keep track of a more expensive tool. Similarly, this would be an excellent addition to the glove box of a commuter's car. You're not going to use it very often, if at all, but it's there just in case.


This is by far the least expensive tool in our test. For extremely occasional use or, as outlined above, for those that are likely to use it, the Gelindo is an excellent addition. For even the thriftiest of regular users, however, we find the marginal additional expense of the Best Buy Leatherman Wingman to be well worth it. The Leatherman is a budget product from an excellent manufacturer. It's functionality and quality show, especially as compared to the Gelindo.


How many kids do you know that would be absolutely stoked with a gift of their first "grown-up" knife or multi-tool? The Gelindo is a perfect thing for the creative aunt or uncle to know about.

Jediah Porter