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Streamlight The Siege Review

Sweet little lantern that's tough as nails, magnetic and floats.
Siege AA with magnetic base
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Price:  $27 List | $24.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Durable, packed with features, water resistant, floats
Cons:  Can't fully adjust the amount of light output, limited to four settings, small
Manufacturer:   Streamlight
By Valentine Cullen ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  May 21, 2017
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The Skinny

The Siege AA earns the Top Pick Award for Tough. It has three settings in a white mode, two settings in a red mode, can hang from both ends, and is waterproof. If that wasn't cool enough, it also floats and is magnetic. The Siege takes three AA batteries, so if you're looking for something with less powering expense, check out the MPOWERD Luci. It's not as bright but it floats as well and is strictly solar powered.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

We like to call it  "The Baby Siege"; 200 lumens  tough as nails and can fit into your jacket pocket.
We like to call it, "The Baby Siege"; 200 lumens, tough as nails and can fit into your jacket pocket.

We like to call it, "The Baby Siege" because it is the tiny but tough little version of the Streamlight The Siege we tested last year. It has three white lighting modes; low, medium and high, and if you hold the power button down it turns off the white LED and turns on the red ones. The red LEDs have two modes; on and flashing SOS. You can hang it from both ends with its sturdy carabiner style clips or via the notch on its handle. It takes AA batteries that are easy to load. It's water resistant, floats and it is also impact resistant. We dropped it from seven feet without a scratch. We suspected the magnets might fall out, but they didn't.

The magnets are great sometimes. It comes in handy at times especially if you have to change a tire in the dark or just need to stick it to something metal to be able to use both of your hands and have the satisfaction of knowing that it's not going anywhere because the magnets stick very strongly, but they also attract unwanted passengers at times, think keys, paper clips, twist ties anything metal you might have in your pocket because that's another cool thing about this product, if fits into most jacket pockets easily.


The polycarbonate globe/cover casts a nice non-glaring light. It is removable if you need it to be extra bright. It puts out 200 lumens on high, 100 on medium and on the lowest setting it puts out 50 lumens. In red mode it puts out 0.7 lumens in both the non-flashing and flashing SOS mode. The red mode is not very bright but it is useful for things like leaving on at the campsite at night so when you're finished visiting and heading back to camp it creates a nice beacon to guide you home. The highest setting is pretty bright for such a small lantern and is not very ambient, but the lowest setting does put out a nice soft light.

Ease of Use

It's easy to change the batteries in this product. Simply unscrew the bottom, place three AA batteries inside and screw the bottom back on. The bottom/battery lid has a teardrop-shaped center post that goes into the middle of the batteries that orients the battery cover to go on correctly every time. This system makes it easy to screw the bottom back on. Streamlight calls it a, "keyed battery door that facilitates battery replacement in the dark."


The Siege is tough, reliable, waterproof up to 3.2 feet and it floats. It is constructed of a durable polymer plastic and is rubberized on the base of the body, the sides of the top, and on parts of the bottom that don't have the carabiner or magnets. It doesn't tip over and it can stick magnetically to any metal surface. Streamlight claims that The Siege is impact resistant up to 6.5 feet. We dropped it from five, six and seven feet onto rocky hard packed dirt just to make sure. The Siege survived unscathed without any scratches or signs of impact other than a little bit of dirt.


This product has high, medium and low settings on white mode and low and SOS strobe in red modes. To switch from white mode to red mode, simply hold down the power button. It has a sturdy carabiner style hook on the bottom that is spring loaded so it snaps back into place very securely. The carabiner style hook is made from metal so it's tough and not flimsy at all. The outer globe/lid comes off to expose light for increased lumens when hanging upside down. The handle has an interesting notch in it which enables one to hang it from a horizontal rope, wire or branch and it also folds down ergonomically against the rest of the body when in the down position.

The Siege is waterproof up to just over three feet and it floats — a pretty cool feature that we tested nervously. It proved to be absolutely true.

It looks like it's sitting on a rock  but actually it's bobbing around like a cork. We think flotation is a pretty sweet feature.
It looks like it's sitting on a rock, but actually it's bobbing around like a cork. We think flotation is a pretty sweet feature.

This product has a recessed power button that prevents it from accidently getting turned on if it gets tossed around in your camp box or trunk. The power button also doubles as battery level indicator that changes colors to let you know when it's about to run out of power. The battery level indicator (a.k.a. the power button) changes from green, to yellow, to red, then to flashing red when batteries are about to need replacing.

Weight / Size

This product weighs just over half a pound with batteries installed and it's small enough to fit into a jacket pocket.

The 340 lumen 3D battery Siege on the left and the 400 lumen 3AA magnetic Siege on the right.
The 340 lumen 3D battery Siege on the left and the 400 lumen 3AA magnetic Siege on the right.

Best Applications

This product is great for boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, or anything to do with or next to water. It's also great for car camping and RVing and even backpacking. It would be great for a camping trip where you know it is going to be raining. This product would also work well for someone who is very tough on their gear.


At $27 we think this product is a steal, especially if you need a lantern to take boating with you past sunset or participate in activities like fishing before dawn. It does take three AA batteries and Streamlight claims that it has a run time of 7 hours on high, 15.5 hours on medium and 37 hours on low for the white LED's, and 192 hours in the red mode and 298 hours on flashing SOS mode.


This product is a sturdy little workhorse. We love that it is waterproof and floats. We were a bit nervous about dropping it into water and onto cement from seven feet, but it didn't let us down. It still works perfectly after we put it to the test with all kinds of abuse. We dunked it, dropped it and used it a lot. It hangs from the handle easily, can be clipped onto something by the carabiner on the bottom, has lots of different lighting options, can certainly take a beating, floats and fits into your pocket. Nice.

Valentine Cullen