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Kate's Real Food Bar Review

Kates Real Food Bars
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Price:  $36 List
Pros:  All Organic, simple, good tasting bar with peanuts & chocolate as the predominant flavors. Handmade in small batches with 9 organic ingredients.
Cons:  No fruit flavors; nutrition & energy could be improved with adding seeds and organic tree grown nuts.
Manufacturer:   Kates Real Food
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Jun 8, 2012
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Our Verdict

Top Pick Award Meal Replacement Bar Award goes to Kate's Read Food Bar, made in small batches out of Kate's kitchen in Victor Idaho, Kate's Bars are a 9-ingredient 100% organic meal replacement that works: good taste & crunch, low glycemic index sweetener in 3 ounces/85 grams bar with 360 calories. Kate's Gorilla Bar PB Dark Chocolate Trail Mix was a hit with testers; reviews of Tram Bars weighed in on the sweeter side. One tester said "Kate's was my top choice for something sweet and chocolately." Price is $2.79-$3.29 per bar for 9 g protein in 360 calories in four flavors. Great bars for high output activities in any season, Kate's Bars get Top Pick Award for going the extra mile to include all organic ingredients, stay big on nutrition without sacrificing flavor.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Caloric Density

At 4.24 calories/gram, Kate's Bars are super dense food, they rate in the most caloric dense bars of those tested by Outdoor Gear Lab. These awesome bars are all organic 'real food', and whatever the job, Kate's bars will help you get it done.


There was 100% agreement among testers that Kate's were tasty, but sweet. If you want a less sweet bar go for Probar. All 4 flavors have chocolate.


Using organic peanuts and 100% organic ingredients gave Kate's top rating for walking the talk.


Overall a great bar for energy- that said, to enhance the energy rating we suggest adding chia and hemp seed, making the switch to Yacon syrup for glycemic index of 1!

Chris McNamara