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Stanley Adventure 30 Review

A large personal-sized cooler whose performance doesn't quite live up to its price
stanley adventure 30 cooler review
Credit: REI Co-op
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Price:  $165 List
Manufacturer:   Stanley
By Maggie Nichols ⋅ Senior Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 10, 2019
  • Insulation - 50% 2.0
  • Durability - 20% 4.0
  • Ease of Use - 15% 6.0
  • Portability - 10% 8.0
  • Features - 5% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Stanley Adventure 30 is a large-capacity, personal-sized cooler that makes road-tripping for two easier. It has a conveniently tall shape that can fit just about any tall soda container or champagne bottle. This height and its sturdy design also make it a pretty good seat from which to enjoy your tasty beverage. However, the handles and thin plastic latches leave us with some questions about this cooler's durability. It also boasts the least impressive insulation performance of any cooler we tested. For the price, our testers felt like there were better options out there.
Good drainage
Convenient shape
Large capacity for a personal cooler
Lackluster insulation
Questionable durability of lid clasps
Single carry option
Expensive for what you get

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Stanley Adventure 30 is a 32-quart cooler made of polyethylene. It features a locking corner, plastic drain plug and leash and lid grooves for a tie-down.

Performance Comparison

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - hard at "work" testing the stanley.
Hard at "work" testing the Stanley.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


The Stanley Adventure is constructed of a high-density polyethylene outer shell, a polypropylene inner layer, and filled with double-wall foam. Stanley boasts "36% more foam than a typical cooler", though we're not sure what "typical cooler" they're comparing it to. They also claim that this icebox will maintain four days of cold, while at the same time state clearly that it's "not intended for prolonged storage of food and liquids." It's unclear what they mean by "cold" or "prolonged," but in our intensive insulation testing, this cooler wavered above and below the critical temperature of 40ยบ F for just two days before surpassing it for the last time, ranking last in our insulation test. Though it's not rotomolded like so many of the other coolers we tested, we expected more from this little box.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - the stanley performed at the bottom of the pack during our...
The Stanley performed at the bottom of the pack during our insulation tests.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


As the Stanley is one of the few coolers we tested that the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee does not certify, it lacks some of the gravitas of its competitors. That being said, we found some positives of this cooler regarding durability. We used it as a seat and an impromptu step stool without issue. We also found nothing to complain about concerning the hinge, and when we tested its seal by tipping it over full of water, it remained 100% sealed with no leaks!

We wish it had some rubber feet on the bottom though, as it got scratched up pretty easily through regular use. We also have some concerns about the handle attachment, as you can easily see the simple screws used to hold each on to the outside of the cooler. And while we liked the ease of the plastic latches, they seem like an obvious failure point after years of use and abuse. It didn't happen during testing, but we could readily imagine one hard knock resulting in a broken latch.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - the stanley (left) next to the igoo bmx (right). note the plastic...
The Stanley (left) next to the Igoo BMX (right). Note the plastic latches on the Stanley - easy to use, but less durable than the rubber T-grip latches of many other coolers we tested.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Another thing we noticed during our testing that gives us pause is the drain. Rather than being just a hole through the cooler, it's an entirely separate piece that has been fitted into the wall of the cooler. This potentially opens up a whole new can of worms, as not only can the gasket on the drain fail over time but so can the seal holding the whole drain into the cooler. If that fails, not only will your Stanley leak but it will also saturate the insulating foam between the walls. And while we'd like to think that this is an unlikely scenario, we found many complaints of leaky Stanley drains in online reviews. Good thing they also offer a lifetime warranty!

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - the drain of this model is a separate piece. though it worked well...
The drain of this model is a separate piece. Though it worked well during our testing, we have some doubts about this design withstanding the trials of years of abuse.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg

Ease of Use

As coolers go, the Stanley is relatively easy to use. It has large handles that jut out from the sides, making it easy to grab them when you need them. The plastic latches are simple to open and close with a single hand. And its overall size and shape are conducive to packing in a bunch of food and even tall drink containers and odd-shaped treats. While it claims a 30-quart capacity, we measured it to be just over 32 quarts. The drain works well to empty any ice water at the end of your trip. It doesn't have any handy usability features like a basket or cup holders on top, and it lacks the over-the-top handle of the other personal-sized coolers we tested. Though with the Stanley fully loaded, we doubt anyone would be keen on carting it around with just one hand. Overall, this box is easy to use without standing out in any big way.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - this model has a plastic leash for the drain plug, keeping the two...
This model has a plastic leash for the drain plug, keeping the two together -- a feature we always appreciate.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


For a large personal-sized cooler, the Stanley Adventure is pretty light, tipping the scales at just 13.5 pounds. However, a jam-packed Stanley weighs more than most personal coolers because of its significantly larger capacity. We found it fairly easy to carry wherever we needed it to be with its large plastic handles. The handle placement and size is conducive to a single person carrying it or even grabbing a buddy for a farther picnic destination. Our only complaint about them is that they lack any squishy grip or ergonomic shape to better conform to our hands. They are rounded appropriately and do the job well.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - though not necessary unless packed full, carrying the stanley...
Though not necessary unless packed full, carrying the Stanley between two people makes the job so easy.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


Without the bells and whistles of some of the other models we tested, the Stanley is fairly bare-bones. It has a plastic leash for the drain plug and grooves on the lid to hold in place a tie-down cord during travel. It can also be locked closed on the front left corner, though don't expect this lock to keep out hungry bears. This chest also boasts a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - the front left corner can be used to lock the chest closed. grooves...
The front left corner can be used to lock the chest closed. Grooves on the sides of the lid help to tie down the cooler during transport.
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg


With a relatively high price tag (for its size) and a below-average performance, we're not sure this cooler is worth the dough. If you love the size and shape it brings to the table and don't need it to maintain cold temps for days on end, you might be pleased with this boxy cooler. But there are better deals out there, in our opinion.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - a good size for an adventure.
A good size for an adventure.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman


There are certain things we like about the Stanley. Its middling capacity - large for a personal cooler but too small for a full weekend of camping - and tall shape make it a good choice for oddly-shaped objects and a single person who likes to bring a lot of choices. While we found it to be pretty sturdy, its construction leaves us with a lot of questions about how many seasons of wear and tear it can handle. Along with the least effective insulation of any cooler we tested and a price tag that we think doesn't match the performance, we're not convinced this is the cooler to recommend over other options.

stanley adventure 30 cooler review - keep your beach day refreshments cool with the conveniently sized...
Keep your beach day refreshments cool with the conveniently sized Adventure 30.
Credit: Jenna Ammerman

Maggie Nichols
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