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Moon Lence Ultralight Table Review

A lightweight table that serves well as an end table and handles short trips into the backcountry
moon lence ultralight table camping table review
Credit: Amazon
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Price:  $27 List
Manufacturer:   Moon Lence
By Jason Wanlass ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 30, 2018
  • Stability and Strength - 30% 5.0
  • Portability - 30% 9.0
  • Durability - 20% 2.0
  • Ease of Set-Up - 20% 8.0

Our Verdict

Not being a heavy hitter is what makes the 1.5-pound Moon Lence Ultralight Table an appealing option if you are looking for a small, lightweight camp table. The thing we like most about this table is that we didn't expect much, but got more than we expected — all at a reasonable price. In typical use situations, this table holds its own against more expensive lightweight tables reviewed.
Very lightweight
Could double as a backpacking table
Easy to set up
Large table top
Not very tall
Fabric could be damaged by sparks from a fire
With the same weight as the Moon Lence but a higher price tag, the Helinox Table One is one of the best ultralight camp tables on the market. It out-performed the Moon Lence in almost every metric.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Moon Lence Ultralight Table is a low-cost, ultralight camping table. It's the top budget option for folks looking for a table with more niche uses like backpacking.

Performance Comparison

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - the moon lence strapped to the bottom of a pack and gave us added...
The Moon Lence strapped to the bottom of a pack and gave us added convenience while wandering the Rockies for several days.
Credit: Jason Wanlass


We gave the Moon Lence a middle-of-the-road score for stability. For its size and weight, the table handles more weight than we expected. We stacked increasing amounts of weight on the corner of the table until it finally tipped over and found it to be adequately stable for its intended uses. We repeated this test on each of the table's four corners and were pleased with its ability to stay upright under heavier loads than the manufacturer recommends (33 lbs). As far as the table's wobbly factor, it wiggles and moves more than we would prefer.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - the table's cross supports are supposed to fall into a plastic...
The table's cross supports are supposed to fall into a plastic grove; however, they slipped out of these grooves more times than we liked.
Credit: Jason Wanlass

One area of concern we shared involved a tendency for the table's cross braces to slip out of their grooves when the table is picked up, moved, and during assembly. We encountered this problem with the Trekology TAO too, which has the same design. This happened several times to us, enough times to catch our attention as a design flaw. The slippage requires the problem to be fixed before the table top can be snapped into place. Once fastened, the table holds together nicely.

This model is sufficiently stable to support basic end table needs, yet at the same time, its size an weight led to us giving it overall lower scores in this area. Simply put, a gust of wind, children playing tag, or a big, wagging tail are factors that could tip this table over.


Tied with the Helinox Table One for being the lightest table we studied, the Moon Lence is extremely portable. The two tables do vary in packed size, with the Moon Lence coming in with a thinner overall packed size, but nearly 8 inches longer than the Helinox. We prefer the shorter, more stout size of the latter.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - this model's low-weight design makes it easy to transport to a...
This model's low-weight design makes it easy to transport to a variety of destinations.
Credit: Jason Wanlass

Additionally, the Moon Lence stuff sack lacked any loops or handles, making it more difficult to attach to the outside of a backpack. For these two reasons, it scored a little lower than the Helinox for portability. However, at 1.5 pounds, this table is still very portable and can be carried along to destinations with about as much effort as carrying a full water bottle.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - about eight inches longer than the helinox table one, the moon lence...
About eight inches longer than the Helinox Table One, the Moon Lence Ultralight (middle) is the same weight as the Helinox at 1.5 pounds.
Credit: Jason Wanlass


As with other small, lightweight camp tables we tested, we gave the Moon Lence below-average scores for durability. These tables are susceptible to damage more easily than larger, sturdier tables constructed of more robust materials. This inherent characteristic of thin, lightweight, aluminum tables must be considered in their overall durability score. We could not find clear or specific warranty guidelines from the manufacturer.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - the moon lence offers basic durability. as long as we stuck to...
The Moon Lence offers basic durability. As long as we stuck to low-demand uses, it performed well.
Credit: Jason Wanlass

Ease of Setup

Setting up the Moon Lence Ultralight is a breeze. We timed ourselves as we set up and took down each table 10 times. The Moon Lence tied with the Lifetime 4428 for the fastest average set up time. Some of our attempts were timed in under 20 seconds. The fabric top does require a little elbow grease to stretch into place, which may be a negative for people with limited hand strength.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - quick and easy set-up adds to the convenience this table provides.
Quick and easy set-up adds to the convenience this table provides.
Credit: Jason Wanlass

Best Applications

Due to its size, this model fills the need for a lightweight and low-cost side table. It might not be the only table you need, but it is convenient for events, camping trips, and short forays into the backcountry.

moon lence ultralight table camping table review - when you need a table that can travel far from your car, portable...
When you need a table that can travel far from your car, portable models like this one are your best bet.
Credit: Jason Wanlass


Costing a fraction of other models reviewed, the Moon Lence Ultralight provides a decent value. It's priced to do what we feel it does best — accessorize a camp chair or give space and weight-conscious users a cheaper option for bringing along a comfort and convenience from home. It isn't the best small table, but it is the best-priced small table with acceptable performance.


There's not much to be wowed about, but that's this table's groove. It's simple, lightweight, adequate, and best of all, inexpensive. You get what you pay for, so if you're looking for a more durable lightweight table with a meatier build and better warranty, we suggest the Helinox Table One. If you want a side table for occasional use, the Moon Lence Ultralight Table suffices. For folks who want this type of table to withstand more use and abuse, we recommend the Helinox.

Jason Wanlass
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