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Camp Chef Yukon Review

Camp Chef Yukon
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Price:  $217 List | $189.95 at Backcountry
Pros:  High BTUs, great flame control, durable, easy to clean, lots of surface area.
Cons:  Heavy, bulky, expensive, not very wind resistant.
Manufacturer:   Camp Chef
By Chris McNamara ⋅ Founder and Editor-in-Chief  ⋅  Sep 18, 2014
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  • Time to Boil - 25% 9
  • Cooking Simmering - 20% 8
  • Group Cooking - 15% 9
  • Ease of Set Up - 10% 2
  • Ease of Care - 10% 7
  • Wind Resistance - 10% 6
  • Packed size - 10% 3

Our Verdict

The Camp Chef Yukon is the less-featured version of the Camp Chef Pro 60. Both stoves have the same awesome burners that output high BTUs and offer great flame control. There are four main differences between the Pro 60 and Yukon:
  • The Pro 60 has built-in legs that conveniently fold in. The Yukon requires you to screw in legs individually. This takes more time and requires you to keep track of the legs.
  • The Pro 60 has a higher height that is more convenient and ergonomic for most people.
  • The Pro 60 has side shelves for more cooking area (you can buy this extra as an accesory and add them to the Yukon).
  • The Pro 60 has an auto-ignite button.

We greatly prefer the Pro 60. It's $80 more expensive but the side shelves and built-in legs are worth it.

If you are cooking for fewer than eight people, we recommend the Camp Chef Everest or Stansport Outfitters Series (they are nearly identical). They are half the price, one-third the weight and have precise and powerful burners. Not quite as nice as the Yukon but very effective.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Time To Boil

The Yukon and Pro 60 toped our scores for boiling water. These two put out a LOT of heat. Both use the same powerful 30,000 BTU burners (60,000 combined output).

Cooking and Simmering

Like the Pro 60, the Yukon has an excellent burner. It looks more like a real restaurant grade burner than a camping stove. Flame control is excellent and holding a small flame is easy. These stoves performed much better than typical burner stoves that can have a hard time finding a balance between full-blast heat and completely off.

Unlike the Pro 60, the Yukon has black paint on the grill that burns off at first and makes a slight chemical smell. After you have used this a long time the smell goes away.

Group Cooking

This scored just behind the Camp Chef Pro 60 for best stove for group cooking. It has the same giant grill surface as the Pro 60 but lacks the convenient side tables (you can buy these separately for $60). The generous grill surface means you can put two large pots or a large griddle on the Yukon.

Ease of Setup

The Yukon is a little bit trickier set up than the Pro 60. The legs screw on and are stored in a separate bag while the Pro has them built in. The upside to having the legs be removable is that you can place the Yukon on a picnic table in a more stable way. There is no auto-ignite button as on the Pro. So you really need to purchase a butane lighter for a fireplace or BBQ with a long handle. There is a little hole next to the flame control dial that works with these lighters. Lighting this stove with matches or a cigarette lighter is a pain because the burner is so far under the grill. It is dangerous to do with a small lighter once the grill gets hot unless you want to risk burning your hand. The alternative is to light matches, drop them on the burner and hope for the best.

Wind Resistance

The Yukon comes with the same five-inch-high wind screen as the Pro 60. It does okay in light to moderate winds. In high winds, the burners are not as protected as the more compact two-burner stoves with taller wind screens. We had the flame blow out a few times when the flame was on low. There are much more wind-protected stoves out there, but we generally felt we could position the stove in a protected way so that wind was no issue.

Packed Size

This packs 2-3 times larger than the typical camping stove and is about three times heavier. This is not a great stove for transporting in a small car.

Other Versions and Accessories

Camp Chef Everest
Camp Chef Everest Stove
  • Compact, portable, two-burner stove
  • 20,000 BTU burners

Camp Chef Pro 90
Camp Chef Pro 90
  • Three 30,000-BTU burners
  • Two fold out "prep trays"
  • Excellent for group camping and gourmet cooking in the front country!

Camp Chef Deluxe Barbecue Box
Camp Chef Professional Barbeque Super Grill Box
  • Lays on top of two burners turning your Camp Chef into a grill
  • Fits most 14" Camp Chef 2-burner stoves

Chris McNamara